11 Fabulous Guest Bedroom Inspiration Ideas

The great Benjamin Franklin used to say that “houseguests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” Likely, Mr. Franklin never bothered to create a guest bedroom that kept his guests from “going bad.” (He wouldn’t have had such stinky sentiments if he did.) If you entertain guests frequently and wish to help them stay comfortable (and fresh), Storage Solutions has your back! Below are 11 fabulous guest bedroom inspiration ideas you can use to make your guest bedroom first class. Read on to discover more and keep that fishy smell out of your home.

1. Keep Things Relaxed in your Guest Bedroom

If there’s one thing that makes house guests uncomfortable, it’s a perfectly organized, neat-as-a-pin guest bedroom. The reason is simple; they don’t want to mess it up. That’s why it’s better to keep your guest bedroom relaxed. Use layers of tumbled linens and pillows on the bed. Pile extra blankets in a basket, and have books and magazines on a side table.

2. Provide Robes, Towels, and Other Amenities

If you want to give your guests the feeling they’re staying in a hotel, robes and towels are perfect. You can also provide other toiletries like Q-tips, slippers, toothpaste, etc. If you want to go the extra mile, put a small “cube”  refrigerator in your guest room. Then fill it with some snacks and drinks (at no charge, of course).

3. Use Lots of Ambient Lighting

A single, white light in the middle of your guest bedroom is a sure way to chase guests away. Instead, provide several light fixtures with bulbs of different hues. Try hanging lights where your guests might read, for example. Pole lamps with a dimmer switch are always a good idea, also. If you have night tables on each side of the bed, put a small lamp on each. Give your guests plenty of lighting options so they can customize the light in their room during their stay. 

4. Give Guests some Empty Drawers and Closet Space with Hangers

Few people enjoy living out of a suitcase long-term. However, they don’t have much choice if you don’t provide drawer or closet space. That’s why emptying a few drawers and providing some closet space is essential. Don’t forget to leave some empty hangers so guests can hang any clothing they see fit.

5. Give Your Guests a Reading Nook

Sometimes your house guests will want to sit back, relax and enjoy some reading time (or some social media time on their phones). To encourage them to relax, give your guests a reading nook. A comfy, oversized chair, a small side table, and a table lamp are perfect. Two large chairs would be even better, especially if many couples come to stay at your home. 

6. Use Blackout Drapes on the Windows

The one thing every houseguest deserves is a good night’s sleep. However, that can be hard to get with a lot of light coming through the bedroom windows. For that reason, blackout drapes are an essential guest bedroom item. As the name suggests, blackout drapes will block any light that comes through the window. They’re perfect for guests who need it to be dark to sleep well!

7. Put a Fan in your Guest Bedroom

Along with blackout curtains, putting a small fan in your guest bedroom is a great idea. If your guests are prone to becoming too hot, the fan will help keep them cool. A fan will also provide ambient noise to help your guests sleep. They will especially appreciate the extra noise if you have a busy household with kids running around.

8. Don’t Forget about Bunk Beds

When most folks hear “bunk beds,” they usually picture children and a child’s bedroom. However, today there are different styles and shapes of bunk beds. Some offer a larger bed on the bottom and a smaller bed on top. Many are quite chic and would be a welcoming sight for house guests. However, the best reason for bunk beds is they provide more beds for more guests. 

9. Use Lots of Plants and Flowers

For most people, plants can be a very relaxing and comforting sight. That’s why having several in your guest bedroom is a must. They will give your bedroom a splash of color and are also healthy and soothing. Fresh cut flowers are also an excellent way to make your house guests feel at home. 

10. Hang a Large Mirror in your Guest Bedroom

Everyone likes to see their appearance before going into the world. Your guests are the same, so providing a large mirror in your guest bedroom is critical.  Not only will your guests enjoy it, but a mirror can make a guest room look bigger.

11. Give Your Guests a Library

If you want to go the extra mile, a library in your guest room is the way to go! A small bookshelf or even just a couple of shelves with books and magazines it’s perfect. (A library will also go well with #5, the reading nook!) Personal touches like these can make a house guest feel very welcome indeed.

Honorable Mentions 

Below are a few honorable mentions that can help make your guest bedroom feel welcoming and comfy:

  1. Provide any specific items your guests might need. Older family members, for example, might need a stool to sit in the shower.
  2. Have a basket of snacks on the bed when guests arrive.
  3. Have an extra phone charging cable and cube handy for guests.
  4. A portable speaker is an excellent addition to a guest bedroom and allows your guests to play their music.
  5. Make sure to give your guests plenty of towels.
  6. Provide some bottled water and glasses.

The Guest Bedroom Inspirations brought to you by Storage Solutions

We hope today’s guest bedroom inspiration ideas have genuinely inspired you. Making your guests comfortable while staying at your home makes them (and you) feel good. At Storage Solutions, you can feel good about our clean, safe storage units. Protected by 24/7 video security and on-site managers, they are also very secure.

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