12 Cleaning Hacks to Organize Your Home Under 25 Minutes

House cleaning doesn’t have to be time-consuming. If you’re in a pinch for time or you have last-minute guests, there are many quick fixes you can perform to declutter your home. Feel like a professional organizer and tidy up in under 25 minutes with our 12 cleaning hacks.

1. Put the Laundry Away

Don’t leave your clean laundry in its basket or the dryer! As soon as your garments are dry, put them away in your closet and dresser. This tip also reduces wrinkling!

2. Pick Up Your Clothes


We’ve all been guilty of throwing our socks beside the bed or haphazardly draping a sweater over a chair. Go collect those forgotten items and place them in your laundry hamper or bedroom closet.

3. Organize Your Shoes

Declutter your front hall by neatly lining up your footwear and donating to charity any pairs that you aren’t wearing. If your boots need cleaning or waterproofing, now would be a good opportunity to perform those tasks, too.

4. Make Your Bed


This tip isn’t just for the kiddos! Even adults jump out of bed in the morning and don’t bother to tidy up their bedding. So, take those 60 seconds to straighten your sheets and duvet.

5. Toss Chipped Dishware

If your mugs or dishes have chips in them, we recommend throwing them out. After going through your cupboards and getting rid of the damaged dishware, you’ll also have extra storage space.

6. Organize Your Tupperware


While your dishware and glasses may be pristinely arranged, we could bet money that your Tupperware is not. Use a spare moment to stack your plastic containers and match them to their lids.

7. Tackle the Clutter Piles

Do you have piles of bills, books, or other odds-and-ends scattered around your living spaces? Go through each pile and put the items back in their proper places.

8. Recycle Any Junk Mail

After bringing your flyers and unwanted mail inside, don’t just leave them on the kitchen counter. Toss them in the recycling bin!

9. Empty Your Dishwasher

Clean dishes belong in the cupboards, rather than chilling in the dishwasher–but you already know that! Make a habit of putting everything away immediately after the wash cycle ends.

10. Vacuum the Front Hall

Front halls are a magnet for dirt and debris. Take a second to pass your vacuum over this area or get your broom out for a thorough sweeping.

11. Arrange the Throw Blankets and Pillows

In your living room, fluff up your sofa’s pillows and rearrange the throw blankets. Your seating will look far more stylish and inviting.

12. Straighten the Wall Décor

If you have kids at home, the wall décor has a way of going topsy-turvy! Go around your house with a level and ensure all your picture frames are straight.

Do you have any quick fixes for house cleaning? Let us know your hot tips on how to declutter and tidy up in record time.

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About the Author: Rob Loveless