5 Fun Things to Do in Gilbert

It is safe to say that spring has officially sprung, and that now it makes sense to start planning activities for the family. You need to start venturing back out into the outdoor world, where the sun shines and the world is beautiful and bright. Trouble is you don’t entirely know where to start having the fun that you once had, let alone activities to do with the whole family. That’s why we have found five fun things to do in Gilbert.

Cosmo Dog Park

Your dog is a part of your family and has been cooped up just as much as you have and really wants this time to run and play with other dogs. This dog park is perfect for taking your furry friends for some quality outside time. With reservable ramadas, basketball courts, and multiple pet drinking fountains and dog washing stations, there is no need to venture to other parks. Let this be your one-stop shop for pet related activity!

San Tan Mountain Regional Park

If you don’t have a dog, but still want to spend some time at the park, there is none better than San Tan Mountain Regional Park. This is much more in-line with a lengthy hiking trail than anything else, but there is nothing quite like a hike to get back in touch with the world around you. Pack a picnic and enjoy the view from the top. This is an excellent activity for families and friends to spend some time together, and to spend a great amount of time outside.

Golfland SunSplash

The catchall of family activities, Golfland SunSplash has a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you are looking for a family fun center jam-packed with arcade games and laser tag, or just looking to finally settle a mini-golf bet, this is the place for you. Bumper boats, bumper cars, go-carts and a whole bevy of other fun activities await at this truly exciting location.

Gilbert Escape Room

If you have a slightly older family, or just really like puzzles, there is also the Gilbert Escape Room. This facility offers a variety of challenges and puzzles to get from one room to another. They are a lot of fun and provide families with a great way to grow together and get to know each other’s interests and skills. Communication is key, so be certain that you are on speaking terms with everyone involved. Now is not the time to bring a fussy teenager to try and bond.

Water Ranch

If you need something different to get in touch with nature, there is always the relaxing reality of sitting on a boat with a fishing rod and a cooler filled with snacks. The best spot for that is Water Ranch; if you need a way to get through to your kids, or just want a nice quiet time to spend with your thoughts there really is no place better than Water Ranch. The best part is that at the end, you can eat a tasty fish you caught yourself.

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