5 Insane Things to Avoid When Spring Cleaning

What could be more satisfying than a freshly cleaned home? Every room is neatly arranged, and all of the dust bunnies are gone. You can pat yourself on the back for a job well done as long as you’ve taken the time to avoid all of the insane things that can turn your spring cleaning from an easy job into a difficult one. Whether or not you enjoy tidying up, here are the things you should try to avoid.

Planning to Declutter on a Busy Day

Even if you are good about keeping your clutter to a minimum, planning to go through your possessions on a busy day is a bad idea. It takes a lot of time to empty out closets and cabinets as you search for ways to declutter your home. Planning to complete these tasks on a day filled with other obligations is the surest way to disaster. 

Starting from the Bottom and Working Your Way Up

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Heat rises to the top,” but you may not be familiar with the phrase, “When the dust settles to the bottom.” Starting your spring cleaning at the bottom of a room is going to create the need to begin your work all over again. Always begin with the highest components of the room to avoid having dust settle on your newly cleaned spaces. 

Planning to Declutter on the Day Your Mother-in-Law Arrives

You may be able to get away with light cleaning on the day before your mother-in-law comes to visit. However, scheduling your decluttering tasks on the same day is insane. Not only is it possible that you may run out of time to complete your tasks, but you may also be too tired to entertain your mother-in-law with a smile on your face. 

Standing on Items That Are Not Designed for This Purpose


It’s often necessary to stand on something in order to reach cobwebs on the ceiling, tidy up bookshelves, or declutter the inside of a china cabinet. You should always use a ladder for this purpose to avoid the danger of tipping over a chair or slipping off the top of an end table. 

Spring Cleaning on a Windy Day


For most people, the idea of opening the windows for a breath of fresh air as you dust, vacuum, and tidy up is one that seems to make perfect sense. Unfortunately, if you open the windows on a breezy day, you’ll cause more harm than good. Pollen, dirt, and tiny insects can enter through the holes in your screen, creating even more work for you. Despite good intentions, it is easy to make mistakes when spring cleaning your home. The best way to avoid problematic issues while organizing, tidying up, and cleaning your house, condo, or apartment is to plan for this task ahead of time. Being prepared and learning how to declutter goes a long way in avoiding the type of things that can derail your annual spring cleaning.

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