5 Ways to Reorganize the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, but it’s also an extremely busy and bustling place. If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover, there are plenty of simple design ideas you can try to make it more streamlined and organized. Check out these five ways to reorganize your kitchen that will make cooking a much more enjoyable experience.

1. Organize the Island

well organized kitchen island

If you have a kitchen island, you already know it can become a place filled with clutter. Try to corral things like keys or trinkets in a stylish tray. Use countertop organizers like a charming copper utensil crock to keep all your spatulas and other cooking accessories together. The kitchen island should be an open area where you have plenty of room to prep and serve your food. By eliminating the clutter, you can finally free up this important part of your kitchen.

2. Revamp Your Pantry

well organized pantry with food jars

Pantries are great for keeping dry goods and other snacks neatly in place. Over time, the pantry can quickly become a place of chaos. Remedy this by adding several bins to the pantry and label each one with the contents. Think of it as a library for your kitchen! When you organize and label everything, it’s much easier to find what you need in a hurry. This also prevents everyone from carelessly tossing everything into the pantry since everything now has its own designated space.

3. Purge the Clutter

untidey kitchen covered in clutter

By its very nature, kitchens are easily cluttered. One of the best ways to correct this is to go through every single drawer and cabinet and get rid of items you no longer use. Whether it’s a broken cooking tool or an old container of baking soda, purging the clutter will make you feel good and give you more room for storage. Check all food items and toss out anything with an expired expiration date. After you’re done, wipe down every surface to make your kitchen look and feel sparkling clean.

4. Try a Bulletin Board

kitchen bulletin board with rolling pin

Since your kitchen is the “main hub” of your house, consider adding a bulletin board to the backsplash or hang it on the wall. A corkboard is perfect for pinning notes and to-do lists. It’s also an easy way to keep your grocery list for the next week right in front of you. Add items as you go, then grab the list before you head out to do your shopping. Use the board as a place to remind the entire family about appointments and plans. Not only will this make your kitchen seem organized, but it’s also a great tool to organize your life.

5. Use Walls to Your Advantage

kitchen shelves with mugs and utensils

To keep your countertops and kitchen island nice and clear, try a few wall-mounted organizers. Magnetic strips for stainless steel knives will keep them all together and off the counters. A wall-mounted spice rack puts all your favorite flavorings right at your fingertips. Try a standing divider to keep cutting boards, baking sheets, and cookbooks neatly in order. A hanging pot rack will give you more room inside the cupboards for cups and plates, and they won’t just sit on the stove wasting space.

These easy and simple kitchen design ideas will help you stay organized and provide your home with a clean and open place to cook and make lasting memories.

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