6 Declutter Bedroom Hacks to Improve Your Life

Your bedroom cleaning doesn’t have to be time-consuming. With a little planning and new habit-building, you can have a tidy bedroom in no time. Feel like a professional organizer and tidy up with these 6 declutter bedroom hacks.

1. Declutter Your Bedroom By Putting Your Laundry Away

We’ve all been there, a pile of clothes that just continues to grow in the corner of your bedroom. Don’t leave your clean laundry in its basket or the dryer! As soon as your garments are dry, put them away in your closet and dresser. This tip also reduces wrinkling! Additionally, you can try choosing a space-saving laundry basket to help reduce clothing clutter in your bedroom.

 declutter bedroom hacks

2. Organize Your Shoes

Declutter your bedroom with this hack by moving all of your shoes out of your closet. You can invest in a trendy way to store shoes or get a budget-friendly shoe organizer from sites like Amazon. The ones you don’t display, donate to charity. If your boots need cleaning or waterproofing, now would be a good opportunity to perform those tasks, too.

3. Make Your Bed

This tip isn’t just for the kiddos! Even adults jump out of bed in the morning and don’t bother to tidy up their bedding. So, take those 60 seconds to straighten your sheets and duvet and do it every single day. To reduce clutter in your bedroom while you’re using your bed, consider getting a hamper for your bedding.

4. Do a Daily Pick-Up

This declutter bedroom hack might sound like a no-brainer but picking up daily will reduce the time you spend cleaning in the long run. Designate a place for each item in your room. For example, you can get baskets to put on your shelves and label them. Every night, make sure all the items make it back to their baskets before you fall asleep. This ‘picking-up’ hack goes double for trash or dishes. Make sure you’re consistently throwing out things like wrappers, junk mail, and tissues. Empty all bedroom garbage cans once a day, and take your empty glasses to the kitchen.

 declutter bedroom hacks

5. Vacuum Your Bedroom Often

Bedrooms are a magnet for dirt and debris. Take a second to pass your vacuum or get your broom out for a thorough sweeping. Vacuuming will help the room feel less cluttered and give your room that extra sparkle.

6. Try Storage After These Declutter Bedroom Hacks

The number one cause of clutter in a home is having too much stuff. We’ve already talked about furniture that doubles as storage. If that doesn’t cut it, try a storage unit. You can box up everything you don’t immediately need and place it in your storage facility. This is an easy, cheap, and effective declutter bedroom hack. If you need more information, the storage experts at Storage Solutions are happy to answer all your questions. Just give us a call or chat with us online today!

We hope you enjoyed these quick hacks to declutter your bedroom. If you have anymore suggestions on what’s worked for you, leave them in the comments below.

This post was written 3/5/2019.
It was updated 1/31/2021