7 Declutter Hacks For Your Workspace That Should Be Obvious

Workspaces are a magnet for clutter. Luckily, there are many quick fixes available for tidying up your desk–and keeping it clean! We know that you’re busy meeting the demands of your job, so we devised cleaning strategies, declutter hacks, and workspace storage solutions that you can execute in next-to-no time.¬†

It’s time to say goodbye to your messy, poorly organized desk. Discover how to declutter your corporate life with this easy tutorial on maintaining a spotless workspace.

1. Schedule a Weekly Cleaning

Let’s be real with each other… If we don’t schedule a specific time to tidy up and declutter our desks, we probably won’t do it. That’s just human nature!

So, here’s the declutter hack: Set a weekly alarm in your computer calendar and mentally commit to cleaning that day. Even in the busiest of work weeks, you still have 5 to 10 minutes to spare!

cleaning the top of a desk

2. Get a Pen Cup and Other Organizers

Without a pen cup and other desk organizers, you’re pretty much guaranteed a messy workspace. Ideally, you should have organizers to hold all your smaller items like writing utensils, erasers, scissors, paper clips, and other office supplies. 

Declutter hack: Furthermore, if you already have a pen cup, it’s also important to occasionally test your pens, markers, and mechanical pencils, and then toss the ones that don’t work.

declutter hack: create small spaces for small things and maximize your workplace storage

3. Digitize Your Bills

Minimize paper buildup on your desk by transferring all your bills to digital. It’s better for the environment, plus you can signup for email reminders, so you remember to pay them on time. Win-win!

4. Recycle Old Papers

On a related note to tip #3, if you have piles of paper on your desk, you need to sort through them and recycle the old, unneeded ones. After all, paper is one of the main clutter culprits in workspaces. 

5. Untangle Your Cables

This isn’t a declutter hack, but spending an hour or so to do this will make you feel better for months. Make the effort to untangle your workspace’s cables when you notice they have become unruly. When you have a desktop computer, extension cords, and a printer all plugged into the same small area, you’re bound to run into tangles. It’s just a fact!

declutter hack: hide cords

6. Grow the Workspace Storage Area

If you’ve fully decluttered your workspace and you still have too much stuff, it’s time to consider growing your storage area. Installing shelves behind your desk is a great way to maximize usable space while creating a modern, sophisticated aesthetic, or consider getting a storage unit if you can’t make any more space and you desperately need workspace storage solutions. Just promise us you’ll keep this additional area clutter-free!

7. Tidy Up Your Desktop

Declutter hack for your mind: Now that your desk is sparklingly clean, why not pay some attention to your computer’s desktop? If it’s a mess of icons and folders, take some time to delete unneeded files, sort through folders, and create a streamlined organizational system. For instance, don’t keep anything on your desktop that you aren’t clicking on repeatedly throughout the day.

untidy workspace

And voilà, welcome to your new-and-improved workspace! We hope that having a clean, functional, and decluttered desk helps you reach new heights of productivity. If you have any additional suggestions on how to hack and declutter office spaces, drop us a line.