College 2020: How to Tackle this Semester During COVID-19

As Summer and the COVID-19 shutdown starts winding down and we head into the fall of 2020 college, millions of college and university students are gearing up to go back to school. Maybe. The truth is, college 2020 is shaping up to be much different from any year we’ve previously seen because of COVID-19. The reason why is simple; there is a good chance in-person classes might not happen. Unless you’ve been on Mars, you likely know that the reason is the pandemic that’s raging across the United States. Some colleges and universities have already announced they won’t have in-person classes. Their classes will, unfortunately, be online in the fall.

Many schools are also canceling their sports programs, a blow to football teams especially. The fact is that it’s simply too risky right now to cram tens of thousands of people together. Sadly, even a few hundred students sitting together in a classroom poses a significant risk from COVID-19. If you’re the parent of a college or university student, you’re no doubt frustrated and upset by this. College 2020 should be a time of new experiences, growing, and learning for your child. Some traditional experiences will be lost, but other valuable life lessons will be gained!

Some Colleges and Universities Are Still Planning to Have In-Person 2020 Classes During this Time of COVID-19

There is hope for some students as some colleges and universities are still planning classes in the fall. Of course, there’s also quite a bit of anxiety too. With the rate of infection from this pandemic spreading, everyone is on edge. Still, if we all wear masks and social distance, things should go off without a hitch. 

What Happens if 2020 Classes Get Canceled Mid-Semester Due to COVID-19?

There’s another problem, however, and it’s this; what if universities cancel classes mid-semester? What if your son or daughter is already there with all their stuff? That could be a stressful situation for several reasons. The most important is that apartments and dorm rooms cost money. If classes stop in September, who’s going to pay for October, November, and December rent? Sure, in some cases, that rent will already have been paid in full. In others, however, such as off-campus apartments, it’s a whole different situation.

young student with covid-19 medical mask protective against coronavirus photographed in white background

Paying for an unused apartment in the case of another COVID-19 shut-down is truly adding insult to injury during college 2020. Also, if your son or daughter comes home, they’re going to need some of their stuff. They’ll need things like books, computers, and anything else that goes along with their particular line of study. Lugging all of that back home is going to be a real pain. Even more of a pain, however, is what to do with all of their big stuff.

Things like their desk, desk chair, bed, dressers, bicycles, sports equipment, mini-refrigerators, tables, and chairs, etc. etc. All of that stuff has to go somewhere (unless you’re just going to give up, bite the bullet, and pay for rent). Luckily, we have a much better solution; rent a storage unit from Storage Solutions.

Why Rent a Storage Unit from Storage-Solutions?

A few things to keep in mind when contemplating what to do with your 2020 college student’s stuff during a COVID-19 shutdown are these:

  • You can rent a truck and move everything back home, but moving trucks are expensive, and so is gasoline. Plus, moving trucks have a nasty habit of using up gasoline. 
  • If their college or university opens back up in January, you’re going to have to move all of their stuff back. That means renting another moving truck and paying another time for all that gas.
  • The further your student studies from home, the more it’s going to cost for that moving truck and gasoline. You could be looking at thousands of dollars if you live more than a few hundred miles away.

That’s why renting a local storage unit from Storage Solutions is such a great idea. Storage Solutions offer storage units locally all over the United States. They’re clean, safe, and secure, and you can rent in various sizes. Even better, they’re much more affordable than a moving truck or paying for an extra month or two of rent.

At every Storage Solutions facility, you’ll find an on-site manager that can help your student if they need it. They also have boxes, tape, and moving pads to help them move their stuff more easily. Getting in and out of each facility is too easy, thanks to their large front gates. For security, the front entrance is keypad-controlled, and video cameras are on-duty 24/7. Nobody can get in or out without the right code. Lastly, they’re all very well lit if your 2020 college student has to unexpectedly go in at night to drop off or pick up something in the case of a COVID-19 shutdown.

Portrait of young asian man worker wear medical mask protection looking at camera smiling under surgical mask in office workspace

One of the best reasons to use Storage Solutions Is that you can reserve your storage unit online. We offer a simple and easy reservation application that takes about 10 minutes to fill out. Once you do, your college 2020 student will have immediate access to a storage unit inside their facility. Yes, they might need to rent a moving truck, but the price to rent locally is exceptionally cheap. Also, since Storage Solutions is close by, their gas use is minimal.

One last excellent reason is this; you can chat with a friendly manager from Storage Solutions online. Ask them questions, get some feedback or information, whatever. It’s easy, convenient, and free! No matter how you slice it, it’s cheaper than paying for an empty apartment or moving their stuff back home. Still need convincing? Have your student check out our Student Storage Overview.

Hopefully, College 2020 Will Happen and COVID-19 Outbreaks Will Subside

We are all hoping colleges can salvage this year in some way. It never hurts to prepare. Knowing you can put your student’s stuff in a self-storage unit from Storage Solutions will put your mind at ease. If you have any questions, you can chat with one of our managers right now. If you’ve just found out they’ve canceled school and need self-storage, fill in an application and reserve yours today.