Moving Across The Country Checklist

This is a quick little checklist for moving across the country or emergency, quick-moving to make sure that you’re prepared!


Step one on the emergency moving across country checklist: cleaning out clutter. Suburban garage mess. Boxes, tools and toys in disarray.

It is always the first thing you should do when you start getting ready for a move, and that is to toss everything that you have no intention of keeping. Fact of the matter is you probably should always have been doing that, but now is not the time to pass judgement.

Next on the emergency moving across the country checklist: you should notify your bank, job, Amazon and whoever is important to you that you are moving. It would make the move incredibly awkward if your friends go to your old place for your birthday. It isn’t a great look.

Schedule movers, if you live in an apartment with a freight elevator you might want to make sure that you can use it. If nothing else, find out if there are restrictions on times or for how long you can use it. Finding this out weeks in advance is for the best and keeps you from needing to worry quite so much. Not sure where to get a U-Haul? Now you do.


Couple moving into new apartment. Lot of packing cartons and moving boxes around them.

It may seem counter-intuitive to have moving boxes as a second thing, but if moving were just putting everything you own in a box there would be nothing to remember. Remember to get all kinds of moving boxes. No joke, this last move I got those large wardrobe boxes, the ones that have the metal bar to hang stuff from and it was a god-send. While you are getting moving supplies, you’ll want to get tape bubble-wrap, really every other moving supply.

Take pictures down from the walls and have those packed first, remember, at this point we aren’t actively packing. Making sure that you get your pictures done early gives you the time to make sure that they are well wrapped and secured. It also happens to be a good status check on your moving boxes. Pictures always take too many boxes. If you need more specific help, check here.

Wrapping, if you think even for a moment that the object might break then it should be well wrapped. Moving is stressful enough when you consider the first half, you don’t want to unpack boxes and learn that the expensive vase your mom got you shattered. Especially when she is helping unpack the boxes. She says she isn’t mad, but you know she is.


Woman labeling moving box at home
as a part of her moving across the country checklist

The most sizeable item on this moving across the country checklist: Start the packing process. Should you have a sizable home, or have a tight, we recommend packing one room a day. This gives you a single accomplishable task and will help to mitigate the stress of moving. In my experience, I found that keeping the boxes out of sight also helps to reduce stress; I would suggest any ground floor room that you do not frequent. The kitchen is a bad idea. The boxes will loom like a specter.

As you are packing a single room a day, you should make sure to label everything clearly. In my experience it has been more useful to use a dual labeling system. Instead of just writing, “Dishes,” write “Dishes – Kitchen.” That way come unloading the truck, you will never have to answer the question, “where’s this goes?” Or, rather, if you are asked that, you can give a snarky response. That’s what moving is all about.

Doesn’t matter where you are moving, you’ll want to get some gas. Even if it’s an emergency moving situation and you’re in a big rush, take the time to do this and prepare for everything! You do not want to pull over for gas right after having loaded the truck. Being sure that your car is ready to go once the boxes are loaded goes a long way. I’d also recommend making a long playlist if you are moving across country.

Finally, on this moving across the country checklist, you need to take some breaks from packing. This is the last thing mentioned only because it is the last thing people think to do, but you cannot pack all day every day and be fresh and ready for the actual move date. Take a walk around the neighborhood, see a movie, go out for dinner, it doesn’t really matter so long as you are out of the house for a few hours. You need to take your mind off the upcoming move. Should probably do this frequently, once every few days at a minimum.

If you don’t know where to start for your moving supply needs, try Storage Solutions. They will give you individual help and provide you with moving boxes of all shapes and varieties as well as any other moving supply that you might need. Come down and see us!