Exploring the Outdoors in San Tan Valley, AZ

Desert with cactus and mountains in the background during a sunset

If you’re moving to San Tan Valley, Arizona, sometime soon, you will likely be interested in learning about the area before you arrive. One crucial factor many people want to know is what the weather is like in San Tan Valley. Another thing people usually want to know is what are the best outdoor activities  in San Tan Valley, for example, are there any good hiking trails in the area? Keep reading to find out what San Tan Valley has to offer.

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Weather in San Tan Valley, AZ

There’s no denying that the weather in San Tan Valley, Arizona, starts hot and gets even hotter depending on the time of year. For example, from May through September, you can expect temperatures of 95° F or higher during the day. According to Weather Spark, the average July high temperature in San Tan Valley is 103° F, making that month the hottest of the year. 

The coldest month of the year in San Tan Valley? That would be December, averaging 65° F on most days. The temperature rarely drops below 40° F in San Tan Valley, and the area gets precisely zero inches of snow every year (the U.S. average is 28 inches.) If you’re a sun worshipper, you’ll be glad to know there are nearly 300 sunny days here yearly, beating the U.S. average by almost 100 days. This opens up the door for outdoor activities during most of the year. Lastly, the comfort index in San Tan Valley during the winter is 8.5 / 10, which is phenomenal. However, during the sweltering summer, that index drops to 4.5 / 10.

San Tan Valley Mountain Regional Park

Arizona is known for its otherworldly landscape, and in San Tan Valley Mountain Regional Park, you’ll find 10,000+ acres of incredible beauty in the Sonoran Desert. The park is just south of Queen Creek, Arizona, about 30 miles southeast of downtown Phoenix. The city of San Tan Valley is only 15 minutes away from the park, making it an easy and enjoyable day trip. 

Along with incredible views, you’ll find a wide variety of flora and fauna, like the hedgehog cactus, Arizona popcorn flour, and hairy lotus. As for wildlife, the desert night snake, regal horned lizard, zebra tail lizard, and red-tailed hawk are some of the more unique creatures you’ll likely see. At night, it’s not uncommon to hear coyotes howling off in the distance. 

Be aware that there’s a $7 fee to enter San Tan Mountain Regional Park with a car or truck. If you wish to hike, bike, or ride horseback, the fee is only $2. Bring cash, as they don’t accept credit cards. Also, you can purchase an annual pass from Maricopa County Parks for $85.

Best Hiking Trails Near San Tan Valley

Desert with mountains in the background during a sunrise

If you love to hike and enjoy nature, you’ll love living in San Tan Valley, AZ. There are hiking trails everywhere, and you’d be hard-pressed to hike them all even if you lived here for years. Below are two of the best hiking trails close to San Tan Valley that you can enjoy regularly and easily.

Goldmine Trail 

Goldmine Trail is located in San Tan Mountain Regional Park and offers nearly 5 miles of hiking trails to enjoy. This out-and-back trail is considered moderately challenging and is one of the most popular in San Tan Valley. Online reviews of the Goldmine Trail are excellent and typically between 4 and 5 stars. 

San Tan Trail

The San Tan Trail is located in San Tan Mountain Regional Park, a 7.2-mile loop trail. Like the Gold Mine Trail, this one is moderately challenging and will take about 3 hours to circumnavigate. Many people come to this trail for horseback riding, and it’s open year-round. It’s worth noting that you can bring your dog, but they must always remain on a leash.

Horseback Riding in San Tan Valley

People horseback riding through the desert

Horseback riding in San Tan Valley is one of the best ways to see the incredible beauty the Sonoran Desert offers. Be aware that most parks in the area charge a small fee to enter on horseback. Also, it’s highly recommended that, if you don’t know the area, you go out with a guide the first time. 

As with anything you do outdoors here in Arizona, it’s advised you bring extra water and food, along with basic survival essentials. You’ll be glad to know that equestrians are welcome in all of the parks in Maricopa County, and most have staging areas where you and your group can start your adventure.

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