How to Securely Store Your Boat

boats on boat trailers, lined up with their covers on

One of life’s great joys is owning a boat and having fun with family and friends on the water. However, one challenge all boat owners face is where to look for boat storage when it’s not being used. Read on if you’ve recently purchased your first boat and don’t know where to store it. Below is valuable information on how and where to store your boat safely and securely.

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Can You Store a Boat in a Storage Unit?

Many boat owners store their boats in a storage unit. It’s one of the best boat storage options, with excellent protection from the weather, damage, and burglary. Also, accessing and using your boat is easy when it’s stored in a storage unit. One caveat is that your boat and boat trailer needs to fit inside, which isn’t possible with some larger boats. However, a storage unit is one of the best places to store a boat if it does fit.


  • Safe and secure
  • Easy access
  • You can store your boating gear in the same unit
  • No need for a boat cover


  • Your boat needs to be small enough to fit inside
  • More expensive than storing it at home in your garage or driveway

What is the Cheapest Way to Store a Boat?

Boats in a garage

The cheapest way to store a boat is inside your garage at home. There you will have complete control and be able to see that your boat is OK. Plus, since it’s your garage, there’s no extra cost to store your boat there. Like a storage unit, your boat must be small enough to fit inside your garage. For many boats, that won’t be possible (unless you have a large garage).


  • Very secure
  • The cheapest way to store a boat
  • Full and easy access
  • No need for a boat cover


  • Many boats won’t fit in a garage
  • Your garage will be instantly full with a boat inside

Is it OK to Store a Boat Outside?

boat on trailer in a driveway, being half covered, showing only the front

Outdoor boat storage is where most boat owners choose to store their boats. That’s because it’s much cheaper to store your boat outside than inside. Many boat owners store their boats outside in their driveway at home. Purchasing a high-quality boat cover is recommended if you choose to store your boat outside. The reason why is simple, weather. The sun’s UV rays, rain, sleet, snow, mildew, and hail can be incredibly damaging for a boat. If it’s not covered, the interior, gel coat, teak, and other exposed surfaces will take quite a beating.

If you’re worried about keeping your boat secure, storing it outside isn’t your best option. For example, someone could hook up your boat trailer and drive away if you’re not home. Also, any boating gear on your boat can easily be stolen, especially if you live in a bad neighborhood. Therefore, storing your gear at home or in a storage unit would be highly recommended if you store it outside.


  • Cheaper than indoor storage


  • Your boat is exposed to the weather
  • Less secure. Higher chance of boat theft
  • Must cover your boat when not in use

Is it Better to Store a Boat In or Out of the Water?

Boat experts agree that storing your boat out of the water is best. That’s especially true if you use your boat in salt water, as salt water is incredibly destructive for a boat. The salt damages the gel coating and eats away at chromed parts. Salt can also damage upholstery and teak and is destructive for your boat’s engine. Not only that, but you’ll need to paint your boat with anti-fouling paint to fight off barnacles. The extra weight of years worth of antifouling paint can slow your boat down significantly. (Plus, it’s really bad for the environment.) Even if you can’t store it inside, storing your boat out of the water is the best option.

Keep your Boat Safe this Winter with Storage Solutions

If keeping your boat safe and secure is important, Storage Solutions is a great choice. Storage solutions offer several boat storage options and all your storage basics. 

Inside a Storage Unit

If your boat is small enough, you can rent a storage unit and park it inside. With indoor boat storage, you won’t need a boat cover, and you can also store all your gear safely. Plus, taking your boat out for a day on the water is easy. Storage Solutions has extended gate hours, so you can come in early and bring your boat back late. (As a note, climate-controlled storage is usually impossible with a boat.)

Outdoor Covered Storage

Storage Solutions offers outdoor covered storage at many of our locations. Your boat will be parked under a roof to protect it from the sun and other weather conditions. Accessing your boat is also easy when it’s stored in an outdoor covered storage space. Dry stacked storage might also be an option for winter or off-season boat storage.

Outdoor Uncovered Storage

This last choice is the most economical. It’s a parking space outside, but it’s inside our fully-gated storage location and thus very secure. However, we recommend a boat cover if you store your boat in one of our outdoor, uncovered storage spaces.

For questions about boat storage, call Storage Solutions or drop by the nearest self-storage location for questions about boat storage. You’ll find storage locations throughout Arizona. You can also check out our storage unit size guide to see if your boat will fit inside a storage unit. To securely store your boat this winter, contact Storage Solutions today.