How To Store Costumes in Phoenix & the Phoenix Metro Area

How to store costumes in Phoenix Metro heat.

American has its fair share of celebrations, festivals, and conventions; that’s for sure! Of course, one of the biggest is Halloween, but there are so many more. Many people attend these celebrations and festivals in ornate and intricate costumes.

For example, Mardi Gras features eye-popping costumes that are colorful and large. And who doesn’t love Halloween? Kids and adults alike dress up in the most fantastical Halloween costumes every year! Don’t forget Comic Conventions and all those superhero costumes! Each of these events feature bold costumes made from a wide variety of materials.

You can use many of these costumes more than once. The problem is storing them for an entire year can be challenging. If the costumes are not stored correctly, you could end up with one that’s damaged and unusable. That’s why, If you’re storing a costume long-term, you should do it right. That’s especially true if you live in Phoenix where it gets extremely hot. Luckily, in the next few paragraphs, we tell you The Best Methods To Store Your Costumes in Phoenix.

How to Store Costumes In Phoenix

Store Costumes Climate-Controlled Storage

If you have a fragile or expensive costume, a climate-controlled storage unit is vitally important. Many materials, plastics, and rubbers used in costumes can melt, fade, or leach colors. That’s especially true here in Phoenix where the heat can be oppressive. With a climate-controlled unit, you won’t have to worry about a heat-destroyed costume.

Try a Full-Sized Mannequin

One of the biggest challenges with large costumes is that they can warp, crease, or bend. However, that won’t happen if you place your costume onto a full-size mannequin. Since they’re the same size and shape of a human body, mannequins keep costumes in the right shape. Of course, they also take up quite a bit of space which is why renting a storage unit is a good idea. Especially if you have more than one costume to store, including costumes for an entire team.

Store Costumes in Acid-Free Plastics

Regular plastic containers, bags, and garment bags contain acid that can damage your costume. They can melt plastic and rubber, cause ugly stains, and cause colors to run. That’s why if you’re storing your costume in anything plastic, it needs to be acid-free plastic.

You can find acid-free plastic boxes in most stores these days or purchase them online. The same goes for acid-free plastic bags and acid-free garment bags. There’s even acid-free paper that you can use when storing your costumes. You simply layer it between the layers of costume material or different costumes. Again, regular plastic will damage your costume. When purchasing anything plastic to store it, make sure it’s acid-free plastic. (It should say something to that effect right on the label.)

How to Store Costumes In Phoenix

Store Costumes with Garment Bags

You can use garment bags to store wedding gowns, so they’re an excellent way to store costumes. You should make sure the garment bags are acid-free if they’re made from plastic. In any case, garment bags are extremely convenient. You can hang them right in your closet!

Of course, if you have several costumes, you might consider purchasing wardrobe boxes. Then you can store everything hanging on big, form-holding hangers. If you have a lot of costumes to store this way, a self-storage unit would be a great solution.

Wig Mannequins for Headgear

You might not need a full-size mannequin for your costume, it’s true. But if you have a heavy rubber mask, ornate hat or helmet, a wig mannequin works like a charm. Wig mannequins are foam heads that can support a wig and, just as easily, any sort of head covering. They come in different sizes also to fit different sizes of masks, hats, and helmets. If you find that yours is still too big, a mannequin head and shoulders will also work. If you don’t want the extra expense, you should stuff your headgear with wrapping paper or bubble wrap. That way, when you go to use it again next year, it still fits your head nicely.

How to Store Kids Costumes in Phoenix

Don’t Store Children’s Costumes

Here’s a fact about kids; they grow super fast! The costume you buy them this year for Halloween probably won’t fit next year! And even if it does, your child probably will want a new one anyway. (Kids, right?) Another fact about kids is that they love playing dress-up. That makes leaving their Halloween costumes out an excellent idea. Your children can then use their costumes whenever they like. (Trust us, some will use them a lot.)

Store Costumes at Storage Solutions

Renting a climate-controlled self-storage unit is an excellent idea for storing costumes. Here in Phoenix, Storage Solutions offers affordable, safe, and clean storage units. Many of the units have climate-control and are still affordable.

Also, we protect our storage units with 24/7 video monitoring and keypad-controlled front gates. Getting in and out with a truck is easy. Store your costumes with confidence and ease at Storage Solutions. Affordable, safe, clean, and climate-controlled. Our storage units will treat your costumes like royalty. If you have any questions or concerns, you can chat with one of our friendly managers online.