Moving to Another State With Kids

Moving to another state can be both exciting and frightening at the same time. While you have a lot to look forward to, there’s also going to be a significant adjustment period while you acclimate to your new city. You’ll have new opportunities to meet people, try new things, experience a new climate, and pursue career opportunities that may not have been available in your old city. All of that means that you should be excited! But, you also need to be realistic. Sure, you’re going to have a lot of wonderful new opportunities, but you’ll also be starting your life over in many ways. You’ll need to learn the area, make new friends, and start a new job. The unfamiliarity of it all can be disconcerting.

our guide to moving to another state with kids

Now, if you are moving with kids to another state, then you’ve got a lot more that you’ll have to deal with during the transition. Kids of all ages thrive when they have stability, so packing up and moving them to another state is going to throw them off for a little while. Kids are very resilient though, so even if there’s a rough adjustment period at first, they should bounce back just fine. What you need to do is find ways to minimize the disruption that your move is having on them. Try to see things from their perspective, they have to move because your moving, so if they have a poor attitude for a little while you should try to be patient. After all, how would you like it if someone told you that you had to move to a new city and leave all of your friends and favorite places behind? Don’t worry though, while your kids might feel the same apprehension that you do about moving, they’ll also have a lot of opportunities to grow and thrive once they acclimate to their new home.

Moving in the Summer When You Have Kids Can Be Very Advantageous

The best thing that you can do for your kids if you are moving to another state is to try to wait and move during the summer. Your kids may not show you that they appreciate it now, but they’ll definitely be happier about a move to a new state if you move during the summer. The biggest reason that moving during summer vacation is preferable is that it prevents your kids from having to switch schools during the school year. Nobody wants to be the new kid at a school in the middle of the year, so if you can avoid doing this to your kids you should. Now, if there’s something going on in your life that won’t let you wait until summer to move, then you’ll just have to help your kids during their adjustment. But, if you can put off your move until the summer, they’ll definitely appreciate it.

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There are a lot of reasons why moving during the school year can adversely affect kids. First, they’re probably going to end up missing some time from school during the move. If you’re moving to another state, it’s probably going to take you at least a week to get packed up, moved, and reasonably settled into your new home. That’s several days of school that you’re kids will miss. Then, how do you know if their new school will be teaching the same material at the same time as their old school? Your kids could be excelling in their current school, then find out when you move that they are behind the outer kids in the class. Besides school issues, uprooting your kids during the school year will also disrupt any after school activities, and they’ll be forced to leave friends behind. Now, there’s a lot to be said for the fresh start that moving provides, but to get your kids to embrace it you need to work to minimize the negative impact that the move will have on them. That means that if you can put off your move until the summer, then you definitely should.

Look For a Permanent Home That Has Great Schools Nearby

When you are moving to another state you should always try to rent a place to stay out until you can find a home to buy that you and your family will love. If you are moving with kids, one of the things you should be looking for in a new home is the quality of the schools nearby. Nothing is more important for a child’s future than the quality of their education. It’s the foundation that their future will be built on. There’s no age that’s too young to start making education a priority, so if you’re moving to a new city, make sure that you start exploring different neighborhoods and looking at different schools. Raising your children in a good neighborhood with great schools can help them to prepare for the challenges they will face later in life.

There are a lot of other things you probably want in a home, so don’t make the mistake of buying a home before you start exploring the new state that you’re moving to. A home near great schools and in a good neighborhood is important. Finding a home that’s the right size and has the right features is also important. When you buy a home you should do so with the expectation that you may live there for a long time, so choose carefully before you apply for a mortgage and buy a home. One way you can save yourself some money is by renting a smaller home or apartment while you look for a more permanent solution. Wait, if you rent a smaller place what are you going to do with all of your stuff? How about renting a storage unit? You can keep things you don’t need at the moment in storage, then after buying a home, you can go pick up what you have in storage. Or, since storage units are inexpensive, you can keep your storage unit to avoid having your new home from becoming too cluttered.

Look For a Home Where Neighbors Have Kids Around the Same Age as Your Kids

One of the reasons that kids don’t like moving is having to leave their friends behind. Today, with social media, kids can stay connected in ways that the rest of us couldn’t have imagined when we were their age. But, even though kids can keep in touch with old friends, there’s no substitute for being able to spend time with kids their own age in person. So, when you’re looking for a home to buy, looking for one in a neighborhood with lots of kids that around the same age as your kids would be beneficial to them. Should you base your decision on where to buy a home on whether or not there are kids around that your kids can spend time with? Of course not. But, it can be one of many factors that you can weigh when you are looking to buy a new home in your new city.

Find a Home Where You Have a Manageable Commute

Do your kids participate in after school activities? If they don’t, then they should. After school activities help kids to make friends, develop stronger social skills, and learn new things. If you have teenagers after school programs are looked at favorably by colleges that are awarding scholarships and determining who gets in and who does not. The point is that after school activities are good for your kids, so you should strongly encourage them to participate. While after school activities are great for your kids’ development, they probably also mean less free time for you. Unless you have older kids that can drive, or you want to have your kids walking to and from places, you should try to find a home located near their school. Having a home that is more centrally located will cut down on your driving time. You won’t have to drive as far to drop off or pick up your kids, and hopefully, you won’t have to drive as far when commuting to and from work.

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Now, the one thing you need to remember when buying a home is that homes in more preferential areas are more expensive. It’s a simple matter of supply and demand. More people want to live in homes that are in desirable areas, so the prices go up. What you have to do is decide where the sweet spot is for you. If you make a lot of money, you can probably afford to buy a home anywhere you want to in your new city. But, if you are anything like the average person, the cost of your home is going to be a driving factor in determining which home you are going to buy. You should look for a home that is as close as possible to your kids’ school and other social areas, but not so close that your mortgage payment is going to become a major burden.