Moving to Another State with Kids

Moving is, in a word, stressful. There’s so much to plan, prepare, and get done that it can still be mayhem even under the best of circumstances. Add kids to the mix and, well, let’s just say that moving doesn’t get any easier. Here are all our tips on moving to another state with kids.

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Merely gathering all of their vaccination information and school transcripts is challenging enough. Then there’s helping them say goodbye to friends, which can be very difficult for some kids. Finding excellent schools in your new city is also a time-consuming task. All of these things need to be done while moving, one of the 5 most significant stressors adults face. That’s why, to make your move as low-stress as possible, we put together this list of tips and advice. In it, you’ll find all sorts of info you can use to make your move as easy on your kids as possible. If you’re planning a move soon, and you’ve got kids in tow, read on!

Move With Kids During Summer Vacation

Some people are forced to move during the school year for one reason or another. However, if you can choose when you’re moving to another state with kids, we recommend choosing summer. The reason why is simple to understand; the kids are on vacation from school. This is excellent news for several reasons. First, they won’t have to miss any school days since school won’t be in session. Also, it makes things easier to arrange in your new city. There won’t be a crush of kids when you register yours for classes. Also, your kids will likely make a friend or two before summer ends. A friend can be beneficial when school starts back again as your kids won’t feel so alone.

Moving to Another State with Kids

Start Looking for a New School(s) Before You Move

Here’s where many parents make a big mistake; they look for schools after moving to another state with kids. That’s a problem since, once you buy a home, your kids’ school system is pretty much locked-in. If it’s not the best school in the area, that’s a real predicament. If you start searching early, though, you can find the best school(s) and start your house-hunting nearby. That way, once you find your forever home, you’ll be sure the local school is the best in the area.

Get the Kids Something To Occupy Their Time

Kids, frankly, can get in the way when moving to another state, which can cause accidents and injuries. To avoid them, one suggestion is to give the kids something to occupy their time while they move is happening. If, for example, your child likes to read comic books, get them a few. Do they enjoy building Lego sets? Get them a big one, and they’ll be out of your hair for a few hours! A new video game would work well too, or a new doll or action figure. Anything you can do to keep them occupied and out from underfoot would be perfect.

Moving to Another State with Kids

Moving to Another State: Picking Neighborhoods

Looking for neighborhoods and schools can be done in 1 of 2 ways; in person or online. In-person can be slightly better but, if you’re still 1000 miles away, difficult. Looking online can be done from anywhere as long as you have internet and a device. It’s not perfect, but you’ll also get unbiased information. That’s because you can surf to one of many websites where you can find ratings and scores for both. Below are two of the best:

  1. Niche– This website compares 12 different criteria for living in most American cities, including schools and neighborhoods.
  2. Best Places – This website compares 17 criteria with even deeper data about neighborhoods and schools.

On both websites, simply type in the name of the city where you’re moving, and they do the rest! By the way, you can also see other vital data on any city you check. For example, crime, diversity, nightlife, jobs, and whether it’s suitable for families. Lastly, there’s the cost of living, which can be vastly different from city to city.

Moving to Another State with Kids: Storage Solutions

If you need to store your things for a few days or weeks, Storage Solutions is ready! Just search our database for the nearest location to your new town. You can reserve your storage unit online before you get here, too. That way, it will be waiting for you the day the movers arrive. (Don’t worry, their trucks can get through the gate no problem!) If you have questions, chat with a friendly manager online today! Until then, best of luck moving to another state with kids!

This post was originally published on 6/23/2020. It was updated on 4/9/2021.