Organizing Your Holiday Space

We have found a foolproof guide to making sure that all of your holiday goodies will be ready to go next holiday season.


Doesn’t make a lot of sense to just get either the biggest or the smallest unit that is available for a facility. You should evaluate the things that you know will be stored in the unit, and one of the best ways to handle that is take a simple inventory. If the plan is to store only a handful of tree ornaments and stockings, a 5×5 will serve you just fine. If, however, you need more personal storage space, you should make sure that you scale appropriately. While the decision may have been made entirely because of the ornaments, consider the rest of the things that will need to be stored as well.


Now that we have found the perfect unit, all we have to do is dump the things in the unit. Hopefully, the wrongness of that statement is clear enough. It is important to organize every storage space that you have, or else you will become the cautionary tale that exists only in infomercials. To avoid that fate, it would be strongly recommended that you invest in some storage shelves (link). This will allow you to more appropriately utilize every square foot of the unit that you are using. Moving boxes that would have been at the bottom of the pile are now easily accessed without having to move things out of the way.

Another useful tool would be using a storage manifest. To use one, label every box in a unique, clear, and concise way. Keep track of everything that goes into that box, and take a note of it. This will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for in the shortest amount of time possible. If this is an approach that you plan to utilize moving forward, be sure to keep it in a binder — preferably with page protectors and tabs — so that it can be easily searched through and referenced on visits. It should also go without saying that this storage tool should be left in the unit or another safe place such that it is there when you need to visit the unit.


Ever hear the expression the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago? The same idea applies here. Yes, it would have been better if you had been organized from the beginning, but we don’t live in a perfect world. If you need to reorganize a storage unit in your ownership, the best place to start is from scratch. While making a manifest is at this point wishful thinking, that does not mean that you cannot invest in shelves to keep things off the ground. I would error on the side of ensuring that heavy things exist closer to the ground. Both for safety when loading the storage unit initially, as well as when things need to be moved. Don’t worry, cleaning and regularly maintaining the storage unit is a tricky thing to master. Like any skill, it takes time to perfect.

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