Painless Long Distance Moving Tips

Even though moving house is usually a stressful time, especially when it’s long-distance, there are things you can do to make things easier. If you follow simple tips, you could make the experience painless. The trick lies in knowing how to plan things and how to stick with the plan. Here are some long distance moving tips you can use to make the process smoother for yourself and your family.

Long Distance Moving Tips

A long distance move, in many ways, is much more complicated than a local move. For example, if you forget something across town, no problem, you go back and get it. If you’re moving from, say, New York to Chicago, however, going back is not an option. You’re also pulling up roots completely, leaving behind family, friends, and familiar places. Everything changes, including schools, jobs, and the places you shop most frequently. In short, it’s a pain, as well as being stressful. The Tips below, though, will help lower your stress substantially.

Tip 1: Movers v. Moving Yourself

If possible, we always recommend using a moving company. The fact is, moving is more than a little bit physically demanding. Carrying large dressers, washing machines, and sofas is hard even if you’re young and strong. Plus, loading a truck takes skill and experience. It’s sort of like building a vast jigsaw puzzle but without the box for help. You need to load everything tight, also, so that it doesn’t move around while the truck is driving. If you don’t, you could end up with a truckload of banged-up, broken junk when you arrive. In short, if possible, hiring a mover to move far away is highly recommended. As far as tips for long distance moving go, it’s one of the best. It might cost more, but the cost on your mental state and body will be significantly less.

Tip 2: Label All Your Boxes Very Well

One of the hardest things when moving is finding something when you finally arrive in your new home. There are so many boxes it’s like a cardboard box festival was in town! That’s why, when you’re packing, you should label all your boxes as well as you can. Write what’s inside on the top of the box and the room where it should go when delivered. (Kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.) If you have a large family, you might consider writing their names on boxes also. For example, Billy-Bedroom-Toys or Sally-Living Room-Pillows. That way, if you need something specific, you can read it on the boxes and find it quickly and easily!

Tip 3: Load Furniture With Lightweight Items

One of the biggest challenges when moving long distance is having enough space on the moving truck. This is especially true if you move yourself! If you run out of room on the truck, you’re going to have a big problem. To help prevent this small catastrophe, pack dressers, chests, and other pieces of furniture with lightweight items. In fact, stuff them full of clothes, toys, linens, and more. However, one caveat is a big one, is this; don’t pack them full of books! Even a single dresser drawer packed with books can make the dresser too heavy to carry. The extra weight can also destroy the drawer while it’s on the moving truck, bouncing down the highway. So, again, pack them full with lightweight stuff.

Tip 4: Use a Storage Unit

Here’s the thing; house closings fall through all the time. If yours does when you arrive, you can’t move in your household goods. That’s bad news for several reasons. The first is that you need to find a place to stay until the closing finally happens. The second is that you need to find a place for your stuff because it can’t stay on the moving truck. (They have other clients, and other deliveries, of course.)

One option is to put your things into a storage unit. There are several reasons why this is a great idea, including:

  • It’s cheaper, by far, than most movers charge for their storage.
  • It’s safe. Your things will be stored under 24/7 security cameras and behind a huge, keypad-controlled gate.
  • It’s easy to access. If you need something, you can go into your storage unit and get it, no problem. In a mover’s storage warehouse, that’s going to be impossible.
  • It’s clean. Bugs, rats, and other vermin won’t ruin tour things while in a storage unit. Your mover’s massive storage warehouse? That’s a different story altogether.
  • You can move things into your new home at your own pace.

Most importantly, relax! Have trust in yourself that you can do it. Stay focused and you’ll be enjoying your new home before you know it.

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This post was published on 1/31/2019.
It was updated on 1/12/2021.