Recommended Locks for a Storage Unit

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At Storage Solutions, we offer clean storage units in safe and secure self storage facilities. Every storage unit has a robust and durable door that can be safely locked using the lock of your choice. Customers who rent a storage unit must lock it with a lock they provide. It’s easy, locks aren’t expensive, and we sell them at most Storage Solutions locations for your convenience.

Knowing that you need a lock to lock your storage unit, many of you might be wondering which type of lock is better, a traditional padlock or a disc lock similar to the kind created by Abus in 1949. (Their disc lock, the Diskus, was the first of its kind.) The disc lock provides greater security, which is why it’s the only kind we sell at Storage Solutions. We’ll explain the differences between disc locks and padlocks below so you can make an educated choice and secure your storage unit.

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Why the Lock We Recommend Most is a Disk Lock

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So why is the disc lock (circular lock) superior to the padlock? To explain it fully, you must know the main differences and similarities between the two locks.

Padlocks and disc locks are made with 2 main parts, a pad, and a shackle. That, however, is where the similarities end. The pad is squarish on padlocks, and the shackle sticks out of the top, with quite a bit of the shackle exposed even when it’s locked. That’s why padlocks are also called open-shackle locks.

The pad is round on disc locks, like a flying disc (hence the name). The shackle is round, and only a small part is exposed, just enough to fit it into place and lock your storage unit’s door. When locked, the shackle is almost completely protected by the pad, so disc locks are called closed-shackle locks.

That’s the main distinction between padlocks and disc locks; the shackle isn’t exposed on the disc lock, making them much safer than traditional padlocks.

How a Disk Lock Keeps Your Storage Unit Secure

As we’ve seen, the shackle on disc locks is almost entirely protected inside the lock when it’s locked. Because the shackle is protected, cutting off the lock with bolt cutters or a hacksaw is difficult and almost impossible.

Plenty of the lock’s shackle is exposed with a padlock, making it easy to use bolt cutters or a hacksaw. That’s a huge disadvantage and a more significant risk for your valuables in your storage unit.

That’s why we recommend and sell disc locks to our valued customers. It’s a better, safer choice that will keep your things more secure. By the way, disc locks come with keys our managers do not have copies of. If you lose these keys, we do not have any extra pairs that will be able to access your unit and would require a professional to cut the lock.

Average Cost of a Disk Lock and Where to Buy One

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The average cost of a disc lock runs between $25 and $40 for one that is durable, and dependable. The best disc locks will last for years in any weather and can be used on any storage unit we offer at Storage Solutions.

Alternatives to Disk Locks

Pad lock on a white storage unit door

The padlock, which we discussed earlier, is the alternative to a disc lock. Although they have drawbacks, padlocks still lock, and we have no problem with customers using them. Also, cylinder locks are usually more challenging to use on a storage unit door and thus are not a lock that many people use on their storage unit.

Secure Your Belongings at Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions puts your security first at Storage Solutions, your security when storing with us is our #1 priority. Most of our locations feature 24/7 video security, electronic keypad-controlled front gates, a well-lit parking lot, and on-site managers. We sell disc locks at most locations and allow you to use any lock you wish on your storage unit as long as you can lock it safely. When you’re ready, click the link to reserve a storage unit. Then, store your things safely, conveniently, and securely with Storage Solutions!