Storage Solutions for Creative Art Hobbyists

Parenting comes with huge financial obligations. And when you have way too many priorities competing for your paycheck, it’s only natural to think of the possible ways to earn extra income. You may have thought of starting a creative side hustle at some point but then gave up on your idea because of the overwhelming daily work schedules. This is especially true when you have young kids, as they demand a lot of your time and attention.

Now your kids are grown up and have moved out. You’re slowly gaining more free time. With relaxed schedules, wouldn’t you want to reignite your creative passions?

Artistic hobbies can be great starting points for seriously lucrative and unique side hustles. More and more art lovers are turning to online stores and marketplaces, searching for different forms of arts and crafts to purchase, including high-priced fine art.

You can sell your creative artwork on trusted and reputable online marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. Selling online, for example, through an Etsy shop presents you with a good opportunity to gain exposure and a wide customer base across different states and even countries.

Choosing an Idea

Before giving some ideas for creative businesses, let’s help you find the right side gigs if you don’t know where to start. Well, here are a few key tips to guide you.

Identify your hobbies and talents

If you want to make a cut above the ordinary and increase your chances of success, then your side hustle has to be something you sincerely love spending a lot of time on.

Imagine yourself working on a task you hate for several extra hours on top of the normal daily office hours. Would you have the energy and level of motivation needed to make it stick? The answer is probably NO.

You need to figure out the side job around your hobbies, interests, talents, and skills. Track it down to something you are more passionate about.

Choose something that pays

  • Take into account the number of hours you will need to invest in your project, as well as the cost of materials. Is it worth the effort? Generally, you should go for gigs that can help you to make a notable difference in your finances.

Ensure it fits into your schedule

  • As a serious entrepreneur, you want to ensure your side hustle does not collide with your daily schedules. You also need to think about your overall health. The extra money-making jobs shouldn’t demand you to work late into the night if you have a day job. While you may be doing something fun, it’s important you aim to give your body enough rest.

Ensure there’s no conflict of interest with your day job

  • Do some research and find out if your day job has any restrictions in regards to what type of side hustles you can start outside work. If it’s something that leads to a conflict of interest, the best course of action is to drop it. Otherwise, you may end up regretting your choices.

Consider your storage needs

  • Storing some of the artistic projects can take a lot of space. However, don’t let the space factor stop you from doing what you love. If there’s the need for extra space to accommodate your inventory or projects, you can opt for self-storage services instead of giving up your valuable garage or guest bedroom space. It is possible to find a storage solution that fits your needs and budget.

With these tips, you can easily narrow down the side hustles ideas and make an informed decision.

Creative Ideas for Side Hustles

Having walked you through the idea selection part, it’s time we dived straight into listing some of the business ideas. Below are the creative options you might want to consider.

Handmade signs and decor plaques

  • You can create and sell custom, handmade signs and plaques using a wide range of materials, including the easily available wood. Some homeowners find satisfaction in personalizing their spaces with professional, high-quality plaques that reflect their style and taste.

Restoring furniture

  • If you have the desire to hunt out furniture that other people have given up on and then restore it to its former glory, this can be quite a lucrative money-making opportunity. What’s more, you’ll save something from a landfill.

Create antique furniture

  • There’s a group of people that like furniture with unique features of considerable age. You can make new pieces of furniture or wood and laminate to look aged with a subtle charm, thanks to the antique painting technique.

Sell art paintings

  • Are you a passionate painter that can produce masterpieces? Well, there are several art painting options open to you, such as spray painting, acrylic painting, oil painting, mixed painting, watercolor painting, and ink painting.

Sell art prints

  • Selling prints isn’t only meant for photographers. If you’re an illustrator, designer, sculptor, or graphic artist, you can also earn passive income by selling high-quality prints of your artwork.
  • You can sell different types of prints like lithographs, etchings, and engravings. With a variety of decent images, you can get a nice extra income without even doing any promotion or advertising.

Sometimes inventory can quickly build up and require extra space, which can turn out to be costly. Instead of storing your artwork into a cramped space of an apartment or house, use a storage unit for better inventory management. Many artists making money have turned to self-storage units, as this option allows them to cost-effectively store items safely.

Accessibility of storage unit

Your items can be accessed whenever you need them. Our storage units have the latest and greatest security features, guaranteeing maximum safety for your items. Only the authorized person can have access to the unit.

If a customer makes an order for a piece of furniture in stock, we’ve made retrieving the items incredibly easy. You will pick up the item from a thrift store and drop it off without clearing our garage. Your work will always remain well organized.


Art breathes life into residential spaces and it’s a perfect way for people to express who they are. You will certainly find customers to buy your types of art and craft projects if you offer great pieces. Opportunities are everywhere. Don’t let the space factor in your home stop you from pursuing your artistic endeavors. Find a storage unit to keep your items.