Storing the Holidays

It is finally time to stretch our legs a bit, and finally have the house to ourselves. No more guests constantly coming in, eating all the delicious and painstakingly made food. Now is also the time to start taking down decorations, something that no one looks forward to with the same gusto as putting them up. Can’t say that anyone could blame them, the product is not nearly as pretty when you are taking decorations down as when they go up. Whether this was your first holiday season putting decorations up, or you were the first person to put decorations up for the holidays, it is time to refresh what you will need.


This one should go without saying, but it is often the obvious things that go unsaid the most frequently. If you have more than a handful of lights, it makes sense to investigate a small storage unit. This would allow you to easily store all your holiday decorations without having to sacrifice home storage space. The last thing that you want is to learn to hate holiday decorating because you see that Frosty the Snowman in the hallway in the middle of the summer. His smug face making you uneasy throughout the year.


I will always error on the side of being more organized than less, and this is especially important for holiday decorations. The chief reason behind this is that I remember vividly not being able to find a box of heirloom decorations when I was a kid, and my mom got incredibly mad about it. They were stockings that my grandma made for all the kids. A very important box to be sure. Because this memory is etched perfectly in my head, I want everyone to avoid this exact problem. Whether you have a storage unit or another storage solution, I would urge you to dedicate a section specifically to holiday decorations.


Rather than schedule a day to take all the decorations down on, consider setting an end date for decorations to be down by. This will allow you to work at a more leisurely pace and do things a little more piecemeal. This will also decrease a great deal of stress, as now instead of an entire afternoon or more that needs to be devoted to the task, only a couple of minutes or hours a day need to be spent. Every little bit helps.


This is something I have said often, or at least recently. If your home is adorned with bulky items or covered in twinkling lights, be sure to get some help – either from friends and family or even neighbors. This will first and foremost keep you safe with larger decorations being more difficult to move on one’s own. It will also help speed the process up, as an extra set of hands is always useful when doing work around the house. More importantly though, the holidays have always about family and community and this marks the end of the holiday season. By doing this with members of your community you are maintaining that relationship with a little bit more care. That’s what matters most.

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