Take Back the Bedroom

Ever wake up in the middle in the middle of the night, and need to go get a glass of water, and find yourself tripping over shoes and pants? Maybe that’s just me, I’ll own up; my bedroom is a mess, and my significant other, god bless her, tolerates it. She doesn’t like it, but she tolerates. I meanwhile, have been frantically trying to find schemes to reclaim my bedroom. Here are a few of the ideas I found that I like quite a bit, maybe you will too!


Never start any room reclamation project without tossing all the unnecessary junk from your life. It is just a good place to start, and it has always been cathartic for me. No, I don’t want every single sweater on the planet grandma! Real talk though, I put those in my storage unit. Because she knows, I don’t know how but she knows. I once got pasta sauce on a sweater and got a call from her within moments.


Ditch your nightstand, odds are one of two things is true: it’s overfilled with all the junk in your life, or it is completely barren except for maybe a lamp and a phone charger. I say go big or go home. Ditch the nightstand all together and go with storage towers. You can adjust the shelving to accommodate a lamp. You can have your charger and anything else you need. If you hear this and immediately scoff, ditch the nightstand all together and get a standing lamp near your bed and install some floating shelves. Frees up a lot of space, and you got rid of something that had no use for you. Win-win.


Dressers are bulky, they just are. It isn’t their fault, they need to store a lot of things. There are, however, other solutions, some of which take up remarkably less room. A favorite of mine is something from IKEA, either the BRUSALI or TRONES. The downside is that you cannot fold your clothes traditionally but would instead need to roll them. The upside is that using this method prevents wrinkles and these units would allow you to see all your options at a glance. The TRONES unit is also entirely modular. It is as big or small as you need.


Not your bed, that would be crazy. Who really wants a racecar bed? I mean…anyway when it comes to laundry hampers one of the worst parts about them is their lack of mobility. You must pick them up and carry them. When you are already not feeling like doing laundry that simple task may as well be out run Usain Bolt. Get a mobile laundry cart, and you’re in business. It might be a bit bulkier than just a hamper, but it will also make laundry into a much more manageable chore. More manageable here meaning no clothes to trip over in the bedroom.

As always, these serve as a couple of my favorite ideas. I’d love to hear if you have any better ideas, leave your ideas below! Let’s make a compendium of bedroom makeover ideas!

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