Best Places in Phoenix for Family Photos

Looking for a guide to the best places in Phoenix for family photos? Look no further! We’ve listed the best outdoor family photo locations in Phoenix.

Phoenix, Arizona, is an amazing place with history, charm, and more than a few stunning sights. The desert offers up some incredible photo opportunities the entire family will enjoy! That includes Monument Valley, Red Rock State Park, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon. Don’t forget, the Grand Canyon is less than 4 hours away! The scenery is spectacular making it one of the best places for family photos. There are plenty more! That’s why we put together this quick guide for you. In it, you’ll find the best places in and around Phoenix to take stunning, memorable family photos. Use it to make your family photo plans! You’ll find something photo-worthy in no time here in Phoenix!

Best Places in Phoenix for Family Photos: Papago Park

Best Places in Phoenix for Family Photos: Papago Park

With a red rock mountain smack in the center, Papago Park is a fantastic location for family photos! It’s located right next to the Phoenix Zoo and offers a lot of what makes Arizona so unique, including tons of cacti! There’s also a beautiful lake and some palm trees! That will lead to amazing outdoor family photos. Professional photographers love Papago Park, especially for weddings.

Best Places in Phoenix for Family Photos: Scorpion Gulch

The Phoenix metro area is one of the biggest in the United States. In our western part, you’ll find Scorpion Gulch, a rustic throwback to earlier times. This desert wonder features gorgeous stone buildings that offer unique textures. We suggest going towards the end of the day to catch the (usually) superb sunset. TIP: Scorpion Gulch would be a wonderful location if Grandma and Grandpa will be in the family photos.

Best Places in Phoenix for Family Photos: Coon Bluff Campground

ideal place to take phoenix family photos - The Lower Salt River along the Goldfield Mountains in Arizona

If family photos in the wilderness are your fancy, Coon Bluff Campground should be on your GPS! The Salt River runs right through the campground for some amazing water-based photos. (It’s frigid though, so bring a towel to dry off right away!) Many locations in the park are beautiful, making this one of the best places in Phoenix for family photos!

Best Places in Phoenix for Family Photos: Desert Botanical Garden

Walkway through a forest of Organ Pipe (Stenocereus thurberi) Cactus plants in Phoenix Arizona.

Although it can get rather busy on the weekends, the Desert Botanical Garden is a must-see! It offers a variety of cacti that make stunning backgrounds for your family photos! Plus, at dawn and dusk, the light coming through those cacti is perfect for photos and selfies! One small thing to keep in mind is that the Desert Botanical Garden does charge a small entrance fee.

Best Places in Phoenix for Family Photos: Downtown Phoenix

a unique phoenix photo location Phoenix, Arizona, USA downtown cityscape at dusk.

You don’t have to leave the city to find fantastic photo opportunities for the family in Phoenix! There are historic buildings and gorgeous graffiti art everywhere you look! Also, Phoenix offers an urban feel that younger family members will definitely enjoy. The good news is, while you’re exploring downtown, you’ll find photo locations along the way!

Best Places in Phoenix for Family Photos: Ahwatukee

BSummer sunset in Ahwatukee Arizona

Though tiny, Ahwatukee has the charm of a much bigger town. Surrounded by mountains and sporting tons of trails, there are photo ops everywhere! We suggest driving through the foothills to find some excellent spots. Ahwatukee is also right next to Chandler, which has a delightful downtown area.

Best Places in Phoenix for Family Photos: Heritage Square Park

Best Places in Phoenix for Family Photos: Heritage Square Park

If you’re in downtown Phoenix make sure to go to Heritage Square Park. It’s one of the best places in Phoenix for family photos, no doubt. One of the top reasons is their lovely rose garden! They also have a wide variety of historic buildings and a lot of foliage for this part of the country. Students from many of Phoenix’s local high schools come to Heritage Square Park for prom pics! It’s also popular for family reunion photos and wedding photos too.

Planning Your Outdoor Family Photos

Taking outdoor family photos for a calendar, holiday card, or event? If yes, a little bit of planning goes a long way. That way, you get the photos you want with less stress and more success! Here are a couple of our best family photo planning tips:

Have The Entire Family Dress In A Similar Color

Family photographs are more appealing when they have a theme. That means you need to coordinate colors. Everyone can wear, for example, the same color tops and jeans. Or all the ladies can wear something similar, and all the men can do the same. Check out our Pinterest mood board for fall family photos to get started! By the way, if you store your seasonal clothing in a Phoenix storage unit, get them out ahead of time. That way, you can coordinate colors, iron out any wrinkles, and be photo-ready when the time comes!

Bring Some Fun Props

Have you ever been to a photo booth at an event? If so, you know that they usually give you lots of props to make your pics more fun. We suggest you do the same with your family photos in Phoenix! Bring everyone a mustache on a stick, for example, or bring a red wagon for the littlest family members. You can bring large, wooden letters to spell out your family name, or a small ladder for your youngest child. Anything that adds some flavor and fun works, so use your imagination!

Storing Family Photo Albums

If you love photo albums as much as we do, you likely have a lot of them. Yes, digital albums are OK, but we still love the look and feel of a photo album. Whatever your situation, if you need to store photos, climate-controlled storage is perfect. That way, they’ll survive the Phoenix heat.

You’re Ready For Photo Fun In the Phoenix Sun!

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best places in Phoenix for family photos! You’re now ready to go out and take some photos that your entire family will cherish for years to come. Have fun and best of luck with all your photo adventures!