When Do Most People Move? In the Summer – Here’s Why

Have you ever wondered why moving in the summer seems to be most people’s preference? There are quite a few benefits to moving during the summer months, once you understand them you’ll probably try to plan your next move during the summer as well. Moving is always an inconvenience. You have to pack, load a moving truck, unload the truck, then unpack. On top of that, you also have to deal with changing your address, shutting off utilities at your current home, then turning on utilities at your new home. In other words, moving causes major upheaval in many parts of your life, so if there’s a way to lessen its impact on you, you should jump at the chance to take advantage of it. Moving in the summer may not be anyone’s idea of summer vacation, but it is usually the best time of year to get through a difficult process.

storage solutions - why most people move during the summer

Since it’s Vacation Season You Can Stay in a Vacation Home When Moving

Summer vacations are times when you and your family should be able to relax, bond, and experience new things. But sometimes life requires a bit of sacrifice, and if that includes moving during the summer, well, that’s just something that you may have to deal with. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reward yourself and your family after your move is finished. Moving is stressful, so maybe you could offer to take them all on a vacation once you’re finished moving. This will help to keep their spirits up, and after all the hard work of moving you deserve a break.

During vacation season you can take advantage of using a storage unit, or even a vacation home, to store many of your things while you are moving. During the summer you may have been planning to put winter clothes and other things you don’t need into storage, so go ahead and do that before you start moving. If you can start to put things in storage before you start your actual move, you can lighten your workload a bit. It may not make a huge difference, but anything you can do to make moving easier is always a good thing. You might also want to think about staying in a vacation home for a little while if you can’t find the right place to live in your new city. You could always rent a temporary home, but if you have access to a vacation home you should take advantage of it.

Moving During the Summer is Less Disruptive for Your Kids

Moving is very disruptive to your life, but have you stopped to think about what it’s doing to your kid’s lives? Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but moving is going to impact your kid’s lives just as much as it upends yours. This is especially true when you are moving to a new city or state. Kids have friends and relationships that matter to them, and having a stable environment is important for their mental health. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid moving, there are times when a move is healthy or even necessary. Maybe you need a fresh start somewhere, or maybe you need to move because of a new job offer that you’re very excited about. You can’t put your life on hold just because your kids don’t want to move, but what you can do is try to make the process as stress-free as possible for them.

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How can you make moving easier on your kids? One way is by moving during the summer when they are on summer vacation from school. Moving during the middle of the school year will disrupt your kid’s routines, which will impact their social lives, and more importantly, it will impact their education. The lesson plans of different schools rarely line up, so if you remove your kids from their current school, then place them in another one during the middle of the year, it’s going to throw them off. You don’t ever want to put your kids in a situation where they aren’t given every opportunity to succeed, so if you can put off your move until the summer, then do it. Education is critical for the future of your kids, by moving during the summer you’ll give them the support that they need to do well in school. Your kids may not be thrilled about moving, but they’ll definitely appreciate it if you moved during the summer instead of during the school year.

Warm, Sunny Weather Makes Moving During the Summer Easier

Moving is hard work, especially if you are doing most of the heavy lifting yourself. Why would you want to move during the summer when the temperatures are at their peak? Because moving when it’s hot beats moving when it’s cold or raining or snowing. When it’s cold outside muscle sprains and strains are more common because when your muscles are cold, they are more likely to be injured. On the other hand, during the summer your muscles won’t have that problem, so the chances of a muscle strain are reduced. The bigger advantage when moving during the summer is the lack of snow and the reduced amount of rainy days. 

There are two big problems you’ll encounter if you move when it’s raining or snowing. First, rain and snow can wet your belongings, which can damage them. The more pressing concern, however, is the chances of slipping and falling. When you are moving heavy furniture, the last thing you want is wet floors that you could slip on. Not only could this damage your furniture, but it could also result in a serious injury. While there are storms during the summer months, they aren’t as frequent, and when they do hit the water tends to evaporate fairly quickly, meaning that the ground won’t stay wet and slippery for as long.

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Are there disadvantages to moving in the summer? Depending on where you live, and where you are moving to, it can get very hot during the summer. Dehydration could be a concern, as could heat stroke. Fortunately, these are two issues that you can largely avoid if you are smart and plan ahead. If you know that it’s going to be a hot day when you’re moving, then plan to start early in the morning before temperatures start to climb. Take a break during the hottest part of the day, then in the evening get back to work. Maybe you can use your break time during the day to unpack a little bit, or you could spend some time driving around and getting to know your new area better. Drinking plenty of water is also important, and electrolyte filled sports drinks can also help to keep you energized and hydrated.