Why Own a Vacation Home In Phoenix?

One of the Top 10 largest cities in the United States, Phoenix, AZ is also one of the nicest. There are tons of reasons to have a vacation home in Phoenix. The weather here is wonderful for the majority of the year, with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. The people in Phoenix are very friendly and there’s so much to do. The cost of living is another big perk, as is the proximity to the west coast and Mexico.

Indeed, Phoenix offers a fantastic mix of great weather and a wide variety of activities. In short, it’s a wonderful place to live. Owning a vacation home in Phoenix is terrific too. It allows you to and take advantage of everything this gorgeous city offers. It’s such a fine idea we put together this article to tell you why! So take a look at our reasons to own a vacation home in Pheonix. When you’re done, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s the perfect place to stay when you need a getaway.

1. Live in Phoenix for the Weather

We had to start our list with Phoenix’s fantastic weather. It’s not perfect, but it’s close! That includes 330+ days of sunshine every year and between 6 and 7 months of warm weather. Yes, summer can get a bit brutal. However, it doesn’t last long before milder weather prevails. Plus, as far as genuinely nasty weather, Phoenix has almost none. No earthquakes or snowstorms, no tornadoes, and no hurricanes. As far as vacation locations go, we think you’ll agree Phoenix has the weather locked up!

2. It’s a Great Investment

Phoenix is a huge vacation destination. As such, a vacation home here also makes an excellent rental opportunity! You can rent it out during the year when you’re not here and make some serious extra income! It would be relatively easy, for example, to place your home on Airbnb, or with a rental service. If you do that, we suggest storing your most valuable things in a storage unit. Storing your items will keep them safe from damage and theft. Storage Solutions has several locations in Arizona, so you’re sure to find one near your vacation home.

3. Proximity to Destinations

When you’re on vacation you want to relax, sure, but you also want to explore and see things new and interesting! Phoenix offers many exciting, engrossing, and drop-dead gorgeous destinations within driving distance. The red rocks of Sedona are less than 2 hours away, as is the delightful old mining town of Jerome. The Grand Canyon is about 4 hours away, although the drive itself is scenic and memorable. There’s also Las Vegas which, at 5 hours, is a bit of a haul but still doable

4. A Vacation Home Near Sports

When you own a vacation home in Phoenix you get five, yes five, professional sports teams to root for! (Or root against when your fave teams come to town, we won’t judge!) First, there’s the mighty Arizona Cardinals of the NFL, who are perennial favorites. The Phoenix Suns of the NBA play here too, as well as the Arizona Diamondbacks of MLB. If hockey is your thing the Arizona Coyotes make Phoenix their home. Last but not least, the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury plays here too.

5. An Array of Outdoor Activities

Sure, when the temperature shoots up you don’t want to venture too far outside. However, when the temperature drops, Phoenix offers a ton of outdoor activities. There are so many parks and day trips here you’ll always have somewhere new to explore. That includes the Sonoran Desert, Tucson Mountain Park, Tonto Natural Bridge, and Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Not enough for you? How about a day trip to Saguaro Lake, Petrified Forest National Park, or Slide Rock State Park? Lake Pleasant is here too, giving you ample opportunity to stretch your legs, breathe in the fresh air, and have a fantastic day! If outdoor activities are what you love to do on vacation, Phoenix is going to be a delight!

6. Vacation Home Prices in Phoenix are Very Reasonable

For years Phoenix has been one of the most affordable cities in the entire Southwest. The average cost of a home here is approximately $270,000, which is excellent compared to most of the other top 10 cities. If you’re searching for a vacation home in Phoenix, you can usually go for something a little smaller also. Doing that will bring your cost down even further, as will purchasing a home further outside of the city. (And let’s face it, you won’t be commuting into the city for work, so why not?)

7. Phoenix is a Haven For Artists

Ever heard of Jackson Pollock? Of course, you have! He’s one of the most famous painters Phoenix has ever produced. Although, thousands more painters make the city their home. The reason why is most likely the landscape here, which is simply awe-inspiring. From Ro Ro to Downtown, the Warehouse District, and Central Arts District, you can see the artistic heart of Phoenix everywhere you go. There’s also a wide assortment of galleries and museums here with exhibits throughout the year. What it boils down to is that, if art floats your boat, you’ll be floating high when you’re vacationing here in the Valley of the Sun.

8. Phoenix is a Foodies Paradise

If there’s one thing Phoenix loves, it’s flavor! The city seems to keep getting better every year at introducing new and delectable delicacies. There’s a coffee culture here that’s best mixed with Rollover Donuts. The Taco Guild has shown time-after-time that tacos can indeed be Haute Cuisine. Plus, there are some Korean barbecue places here to die for! From pizza and pasta to sushi, sashimi, and Sichuan, when you’re here in Phoenix on vacation you’ll never go hungry!

Why own a desert vacation home in phoenix?

9. The Desert is Simply Enchanting

When you first look out over the Sonoran Desert you might think it’s dull and lifeless. Nothing, however, could be further from the ruth. The natural beauty here will take you by suprise. Indeed, there’s a lot of life here you’ve never seen anywhere else. Life including a truly massive variety of cacti. Let yourself get transported by the natural beauty and catch the sunset regularly. Also, head over to the spectacular Phoenix Mountain Preserve. You’ll find magestic views like Piestewa Peak and Camelback mountain. Before long you’ll realize that a vacation home in Phoenix is what you were always dreaming about.

10. A Vacation Home Near Phoenix Means Golfing

If you’re big into golfing few places in the United States offer you more opportunities to get your golf on. Golfing generates $3.4 billion in Arizona, which gives you an idea of how popular the sport is here. From Troon North to Gainey Ranch, Boulders, and the Raven Golf Club, there are more great courses in Phoenix than you could ever hope for. Plus, more holes than you could ever shoot, even on a good day!

11. A Vacation Home in Phoenix Means Friendly Neighbors

Something happens when over 300 days a year are sunny in your city; people are in a much better mood! Here in Phoenix, it’s not unusual to say hello to several strangers every time you leave the house. Are you going shopping or out to a restaurant? Then you can expect that everyone, from clerks to managers and especially servers, will be extremely polite and friendly. Believe us, the friendliness of the people here never gets old.

12. Phoenix Is Exceptionally Clean

No offense to other big cities in the United States but they don’t hold a candle to Phoenix in terms of cleanliness. You can drive for hours around here and you won’t find any garbage to speak of. That includes plastic bottles, bags, and the usual junk you see strewn all over other cities. It’s so clean here it’s only necessary to wash your car about once a month, sometimes less. That’s a good thing too since people from Phoenix are big into water conservation. It also means that, when you own a vacation home in Phoenix, it stays uncommonly clean all year long.