Storage Basics Overview

Searching for the right storage space can be a time consuming task, especially trying to decide what features and benefits that are available would best be suited to your storage experience. Before looking for a local storage facility consider the factors for your particular storage needs.

How long will you need the storage unit.  Some storage facilities offer discounted rates for longer-term storage and some may have specials for short term rentals.

How much space will you need. Save by only renting the amount of space you will use. Some storage facilities can accomodate the storage of larger items including cars, campers, boats and other motorized vehicles.

How often will you need to access your storage unit? Access hours very by location, some are accessible 24/7.  If access hours are important to you then be sure to ask if extended or 24/7 access is available at the location you will be storing your property.

Will any of the items you plan to store be sensitive to extreme hot temperatures in the desert? If so, you will most likely need an air conditioned or evaporative cooled storage unit. Usually the following items need to be stored indoors with some type of cooling: leathers, furs, clothing, paintings, film, photographs, furniture, antiques, musical instruments, wine, paper, software, DVDs, CDs, candles and electronics.

Everyone wants a safe self storage experience inquire if the storage facility has any of the following: fencing, surveillance cameras, motion lights, alarms, guards or a police presence.

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