15 Activities to Do in Arizona During the Winter

waterfall in canyon in Arizona

If you live in the Northeast, you head to Florida in winter to escape the cold. Those in the Northwest, however, escape winter’s chill by heading to Arizona. That’s because Arizona has mild daytime temperatures in winter and plenty of sunshine, allowing you to enjoy various outdoor activities comfortably.

If you’re wondering what those activities might be, you’re in luck! Below is a list of 15 fun and entertaining activities to do in Arizona during the winter, brought to you by Storage Solutions! Read on to discover them all and enjoy winter to the fullest in the Grand Canyon State!

15 Fun and Entertaining Activities to Do in Arizona During the Winter

1. Explore the Phoenix Art Museum

The best word to describe the Phoenix Art Museum is “diverse.” The museum offers classic masterpieces and contemporary works of art and the opportunity to escape winter’s chill with a bit of culture.

2. Enjoy Watersports on Lake Havasu

Although Arizona isn’t a coastal state, Lake Havasu will make you believe it is! A day on the pristine waters found here on a rental boat, relaxing on the beach, fishing, and water skiing is one of the best ways to enjoy winter in Arizona!

3. Take a Tour of Jerome Ghost Town

If you don’t believe in ghosts, you might after a visit to Jerome Ghost Town. This old mining town has been abandoned for years and is known for its exciting history. A guided town tour is a great way to enjoy an afternoon and feel like you’ve returned in time.

4. Hike to Stunning Havasu Falls

humming bird

Hiking is great, but hiking to where you can see a series of gorgeous waterfalls in the Grand Canyon is even better! Once you’ve arrived and gotten a good look at the beautiful turquoise waters of the Falls, you’ll be glad you made the hike!

5. Go Back in Time at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

An annual celebration in February and March, the Arizona Renaissance Festival is a trip back to medieval times. Back then, jousting was the best form of entertainment, and colossal turkey legs were all the rage. If an activity you can enjoy with the entire family is what you seek, this is a good one!

6. Visit Taliesin West, the Winter Home of Frank Lloyd Wright

If you’re a fan of stunning architecture, you want to take advantage of the winter home of Frank Lloyd Wright. We suggest taking a guided tour to learn more about the many innovative designs Wright used and how he let the desert inspire his architecture.

7. Learn about the Earth’s Biomes at Biosphere 2

This utterly unique search facility in the desert replicates several different biomes found on our amazing planet! Yes, it’s futuristic but firmly rooted in the present and our ongoing fight against global climate change.

8. Take a Tour to Sedona’s Red Rocks

You’ve undoubtedly seen Sedona’s Red Rocks in various movies and television shows, but seeing them in person is a real treat! You can hike, bike, or take a jeep tour to see these magnificent natural wonders, but remember to bring lots of water as it gets very dry in the desert.

9. See the Grand Canyon by Helicopter

Although it’s a bit expensive, taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon is simply breathtaking! There’s no better way to see this awe-inspiring natural wonder than from above!

10. Enjoy Arizona’s Natural beauty at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

You might not realize how many beautiful plants and flowers grow in Arizona, which is why a day trip to Tucson Botanical Gardens is a must! Many residents call it an oasis, and a stroll through the lush gardens will also have you calling it that.

11. Get a Bird’s Eye View of Arizona in a Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloons with sunset

Because of its geography, hot-air ballooning in Arizona is extremely popular. You can take hot air balloon rides in many different parts of the Grand Canyon State and get an incredible view of everything from high in the sky!

12. Visit Historic Tombstone

You’ve no doubt heard about the gunfight at the OK Corral. During winter in Arizona, you can return in time and visit the town where it happened, Tombstone!

13. Learn about Native Americans at the Heard Museum

With an extensive and diverse collection of Native American art, artifacts, and more, the Heard Museum is fascinating. You’ll find a wide variety of exciting exhibits showcasing the rich history of America’s indigenous peoples.

14. Ski the Arizona Snowbowl

While you might be escaping the cold in Arizona, if snow skiing and snowboarding are your jam, the Arizona Snowbowl should be on your list of places to visit! The Snowbowl sits on the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, AZ.

15. Hike the Devil’s Bridge Trail

This natural sandstone arch is known worldwide for its stunning photo opportunities and panoramic views. It’s a great hike, but remember to bring plenty of water!

A Quick Note About Arizona’s Winter Weather

There’s no denying the weather in Arizona during wintertime is delightful. During the day, the temperatures range from the upper 60s to upper 70s Fahrenheit but then drop into the 40s and 50s at night. There’s very little rain and almost no snow unless you head to the mountains, making it the perfect winter destination for snowbirds!

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