6 Best Family Activities in Carson City

Finding activities to do as a family is one of life’s greatest challenges, second only to actually starting a family. It is a great mystery as to how to keep a group as similar as a family entertained equally. Someone is always left out, more daring escapades are entirely wasted on the timed, and children are all but left behind for the more exciting adventures. It is for this reason, and with great pleasure that we found the 6 best family activities in Carson City.

Virginia City


Admittedly, this is a short drive from Carson City, but it is well worth the trip. Virginia City might be best described as a Western theme park. Although that doesn’t fully account for what it is. Visitors may be surprised by the odd Westworld vibe that the location emits, but there is plenty of great fun to be had. Whether you are a foodie or just looking for a great shooting gallery, there is entertainment to tantalize and delight in Virginia City.

Highway 50 Mountain Bike Adventure

Yes, you’ll need to be in adequate shape for this one or you won’t find it fun at all. That said, if mountain biking weren’t your thing, you might be swayed by the Highway 50 mountain bike adventure. With its rough terrain comes an immense beauty that words can scarcely put into words. From mountain views to secluded meadows there is a thing of beauty to be found on every mile.

Nevada State Museum

Do not be fooled by the name, Nevada State Museum is not in fact a museum entirely devoted to the history of the great state of Nevada. Rather it is a sprawling complex state sponsored museum. Exactly the speed for more indoor people. It features fresh rotating exhibits and a diverse array of activities and attractions for children and adults alike.

Snow Sports for Miles Around

If you think a blizzard is going to derail your plans for a good time, think again. There are prime locations for snow sports for miles around. From skiing to snowmobiling, there is something to match the lifestyle of any interested thrill seeker. If sledding is more up your alley, worry not as that remains an option. Don’t let some balmy weather prevent you and your family from going on an adventure.


Sure to bore most children, especially given that they aren’t allowed to touch much of anything. After all, when antiquing it is important to remember that everything is simultaneously super sturdy and impossibly fragile. Sort of a Schrodinger’s cat situation, but for wood rigidity. Antiquing might be just the activity for guests of Carson City given its rich history. Odds are you could find a wardrobe with a functioning Narnia portal.

Lake Tahoe

Now you can barely call a list of family activities to do in Carson City complete without bringing up Lake Tahoe. It’s a sizable source of tourist traffic, definitely contributes to the blustery winters and is stunning year round. Whether you want to go fishing or just jetski around for a few hours, there is fun to be had at the lake.

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