Do Parents Help College Students Move In?

Going off to college can be an exciting, life-changing, and, let’s be honest, sometimes scary experience. Parents won’t be there the whole time, which is both a wonderful and terrifying thought! But here’s a question that many freshmen-to-be ask; do parents help college students move in?

According to a study by NSA, half of all college students’ parents pay for their storage. That means many parents are helping their students move in and out of their dorms and college apartments. We’re writing this article specifically to give advice on moving in, moving out, and moving around to start this transitional phase of life.

Do Parents Help College Students Move In?

Yes, all the time! Parents helping their kids move to college (and move back home) is one of life’s milestones! (Watch any movie about college life for proof!) Yes, we know that your parents can sometimes be silly, goofy, and say embarrassing stuff, but get over it! If they got you to college, they’ve done an excellent job! Plus, most want to be involved in this time-honored tradition because, you know, they love you! Below are a few more excellent reasons to let your parents help when you move to college as a first-time student:

  • Any help you can get is always great. Hey, moving is hard work! If you have access to a strong, capable adult who can carry stuff, you best take advantage of the situation! 
  • They have experience arranging furniture and decorating. Unless you don’t care that your place looks like a rat’s nest, letting your parents help organize it is essential.
  • If you need something, your parents will usually go and get it for you right away! They want you to succeed, so now is the time to get the stuff you need to do just that!
  • It’s an experience that, while today it may seem trivial, you’ll likely cherish for a very long time.
  • The chance something will get destroyed, smashed, or broken is (usually) lower if your parents help you move. 
Do Parents Help College Students Move In?

How To Help Move College Students Into a Dorm

Moving is a big deal, no matter if you’re staying in-state or moving out of state. Yes, you’re moving less to college than an entire houseful of furniture, but it’s still a stressful, demanding task. There are a few things you need to do to be prepared when the big day arrives. That way, stress levels (and tempers) will stay well below the boiling point when your parents do help you move in as a college student.

Start Preparing Early

Here’s the thing; moving is not something you do at the last minute with no preparation. Experts suggest starting about 4 to 6 weeks ahead. Even 2 or 3 weeks is better than nothing, however. You’ll need:

  • Moving boxes. (Storage Solutions has a wide range of box sizes at affordable prices.)
  • Moving tape. (Ditto on the tape.)
  • Magic markers to mark your boxes.
  • Packing paper, “peanuts,” and other protective coverings for fragile stuff. (Plates, glasses, coffee maker, etc.)
  • Moving blankets to wrap furniture.

Rent (or Reserve) a Moving Truck As Early as Possible

One thing you can’t put off doing is reserving and renting a moving truck if you plan to do the move yourself. Remember, you’re not the only one moving into your new college dorm or apartment. There will literally be hundreds of thousands of students doing the same thing on the same weekend! If you don’t rent a truck early, chances are there won’t be any available when you do. That could be a mini-disaster, so make sure you rent your moving truck as early as possible.

Start Packing Early

Are you seeing the trend here? As with everything else, you should start packing early. Packing, especially if you’ve never done it, is time-consuming! Remember, parents do help college students move in, but not if they’re not packed! It takes hours to pack up your stuff, even if you don’t have a whole lot. Plus, it takes skill and patience to pack things like glasses, plates, glass bowls, pictures, and other fragile-ish stuff. The last thing you want is to be stuck packing the last couple of days before you leave for college. (Everyone else will be throwing going-away parties!)

Rent a Storage Unit and Bring Your Things Early

Here’s a new trend many students (and their parents) have started using in the last few years. Rather than move in and out during the mad rush with everyone else, they move a couple of weeks ahead of time. That way, on move-in day, things are much more copasetic and calm. 

How do they move in early? By renting a storage unit from Storage Solutions in the college town where they’ll be moving. It’s an affordable way to beat the rush. Plus, if you buy things for college over the summer, you can store them in your storage unit! It’s a win-win for you and your parents! You’re ready to rock when school starts, and they can relax knowing you’re set up for success!

Do Parents Help College Students Move In?

Get Emergency Info When College Students Move

Living away from your parents for the first time can be exciting, there’s no doubt about that. However, without them nearby in case of trouble, you could be at risk. That’s why getting and giving emergency contact information is vital. You need a way to get in touch so that, if something goes sideways, you can get help. Hopefully, you’ll never need the information, but having it handy could be a lifesaver if you do.

We hope this information and advice has been helpful and that moving to college is as stress-free as possible. Do parents help college students move in? Yes, they do, and they have for many years. We’re Storage Solutions, the self-storage experts. We’ve been helping students and parents move in and out of college for years! 

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