How Much To Rent a Storage Unit in College With Price & Size Breakdown

If you’re a college student, moving around every semester can get expensive. That’s where storage units come in to help. Storage units save you money and stress in the long run because you’re not having to rush through moving day. Plus, even the particularly safe and clean facilities are affordable! So, how much does it cost to rent a storage unit in college (or anywhere for that matter)? The short answer is, not that much! However, prices depend on the market, availability, and extra features.

In a recent survey by NSA, college students said that price was the most important factor when choosing a storage unit. To help inform your decision, we wanted to put together this quick storage unit price breakdown. That way, you can make sure you’re getting the best deal on your college storage! So read on to find out just how much it should cost to rent a storage unit!

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Storage Unit?

It’s not very expensive to rent storage. The national average for the cost of a storage unit is around $90 per month for a 5×5 unit. However, you can usually find online specials or promotions that can bring that cost down significantly. Keep in mind, it’s difficult to say exactly how much a unit will cost you without a quote from the storage company. That’s mostly due to the fact that storage unit prices vary widely across different locations.

Just like a loaf of bread is more expensive in California than in Kansas, the same is true for storage units. In fact, costs even vary city-to-city. According to SpareFoot, the average cost for a storage unit in Scottsdale, AZ is $116.47*. However, those same units go for around $72.60 in the areas surrounding Arizona State University. Here are the major factors that affect how much it costs to rent a storage unit:

  • Lease Length. While most facilities offer month-to-month rentals (like us!), some may require pricey long-term contracts.
  • Type of Unit. Depending on the type of unit you want, extra features like temperature-controlled and indoor units come with extra costs.
  • Insurance. Most facilities require customers to have renter’s insurance that covers storage units which also comes with an added cost.
  • Add-ons. Packing materials and locks for your self-storage will all add extra costs. Most storage facilities carry locks, boxes, and other packing materials.
  • Size of Unit. The larger the storage unit you rent, the more your accumulated monthly costs will end up being.

The Impact of Size on How Much a Storage Unit Costs

We mentioned that size is a big factor in the monthly cost of a storage unit. The bigger the unit, the more it will cost. Here are a few examples of how much a storage unit could cost you based on size:

Storage Unit SizingAvg. Storage Unit Price
5 x 5$44 / mo*
5 x 10$61 / mo*
5 x 15$77 / mo*
10 x 10$94 / mo*
*This information was taken from SpareFoot’s U.S. Self-Storage Industry Statistics.

Overall, the easiest way to find out how much it is to rent a storage unit is to check on our website! We have the monthly prices listed for the various sizes and provisions. Also, you can stop by your local Storage Solutions facility and ask in person! Our friendly, on-site manager can answer all your questions.

How Much To Rent a Storage Unit in College With Price & Size Breakdown

What Size Storage Unit Do You Need to Rent in College?

Now that you know the ballpark of how much a storage unit costs, you’ll need to figure out what size to budget for. Since you’re using storage for college, you don’t need a gigantic unit. You can usually store your college items just fine in a small 5 x 5 unit. Don’t know if your stuff can fit in something that small? Here’s a quick breakdown of how many boxes can fit in our small units:

Storage Unit SizingHow Many Boxes Can It Fit?
5 x 57 – 10 moving boxes*
5 x 1020 – 25 moving boxes*
5 x 1540 – 60 moving boxes*
10 x 10100 – 120 moving boxes*
*These are estimates. Call your local Storage Solutions facility for exact measurements.

Keep in mind these are approximate measurements based on very tight stacking. The size of the boxes and how you pack the unit will affect the number of boxes that any storage unit can hold. But in theory, if all you have is a bed, desk, and boxes, a 5×5 storage unit will likely be sufficient. If you need a little extra room for, say, a sectional sofa? You might consider a 5×10 storage unit. Are you moving to another state for college? Check out these tips on moving to another state to start over and then spring for a 5×15 storage unit.

Check Out Storage Solutions for Your College Storage

Like we mentioned earlier, Storage Solutions only offers month-to-month leases. That means you’ll never, ever get stuck in a contract which is perfect for college storage. If you need to leave after 1, 3, 7, or whatever months, no problem!

In closing, renting a storage unit is easy. The exact price? Ask a friendly manager or check our prices online! And remember, if you need any help or have any questions, we’re here! Chat online or come down in person, and we’ll get your college storage unit situation handled!

*This prices are not direct quotes from Storage Solutions. Prices are subject to change based on facility features and market availability.