How to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit like a Pro

Are you putting all your stuff into self-storage for a few weeks or months? When you do, one item you’ll want to take extra time packing is your clothing. The reason is that, unlike furniture, toys, and other items, clothing can incur damage in storage if not packed perfectly. Mold and mildew are a significant risk, as well as bugs, heat, and rodents. We have tips, advice, and info below to help you pack your clothes like a pro. Read on to discover how to store clothes in a storage unit to keep them in perfect condition.

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Wash All your Clothes before Packing Them

Suppose you’re going to store your clothes long-term; washing them before packing is critical. Washing removes anything that may be lingering on your clothing. Things like sweat can create permanent stains on your clothing, food residue can attract insects, and moisture can cause mold to grow. Washing your clothing reduces the risk of your clothing getting damaged while stored.

how to store clothes in a storage unit

Make Sure Your Clothes are Very Dry

Storing your clothes even slightly damp is like a clothing death sentence. Within days mold and mildew will start to grow. Over a few months, it will grow out of control and destroy your clothes. At the very least, your clothes will smell so bad you won’t want to wear them. That’s why thoroughly drying everything is critical after washing all your clothing. 

Place Desiccant Packets in Every Box with Clothes

Ever noticed the small packet of “sand” packed in with a new box of shoes or sneakers? If yes, you’ve seen a desiccant packet. The “sand” in the package is silica gel which absorbs moisture like a sponge. It keeps new shoes or sneakers fresh until you purchase them and can do the same for your clothes. You can buy desiccant packets online for a very reasonable price. Then, place 2 or 3 in every box of clothing. (The bigger the box, the more desiccant packets you should put in it.) While stored, the silica gel will absorb any moisture and keep your clothes dry and protected.

Pack Folded Clothes in Large, Clear, Plastic Containers

This tip isn’t great for your wallet but is for your clothing. The thing is, most people pack their clothes in cardboard boxes when moving. Boxes are easy to pack and cheap to buy, which is great. In storage, though, they’re not so great. Insects and rodents can easily get into cardboard boxes and devastate your clothes. We recommend spending the extra cash to purchase large, clear plastic containers. Not only will plastic containers keep bugs, rats, and mice out, but you can see the clothing inside clearly. That makes it much easier to find a specific clothing item while your clothes are in self-storage.

how to store clothes in storage unit

Vacuum Packing? No, Thank You

Vacuum packing your clothing might seem like a great idea. After all, it protects your clothes and makes it easier to pack a lot more in a single box. Vacuum packing can seriously damage your clothing, especially during long-term storage. Vacuum packing can cause permanent wrinkles and creases that ruin the look of many clothing items. Plus, natural clothing fibers need to breathe. If you suck all the air out, they can’t do that and will deteriorate faster. While vacuum packing your clothing might seem like a good idea, we recommend against it. 

Use a Block (or Two) of Red Cedar to Repel Insects

One of the best natural methods of repelling insects is using a block of red cedar. You can buy blocks of red cedar at any lumber supply yard.  (They usually sell scrap blocks for practically nothing.) The oil in red cedar is very aromatic and repels bugs and insects. Simply put 2 or 3 small blocks of red cedar in every clothing box or container. It’s natural, smells wonderful, and will protect your clothing during long-term storage. 

Wardrobe Boxes are Perfect for Hanging Clothes

One question many have when storing their clothing is how to store hanging clothes. That’s because you shouldn’t fold dresses, long jackets, gowns, fur coats, business suits, and other items. To the rescue come wardrobe boxes, the best thing since sliced bread for hanging clothes. Wardrobe boxes are huge, double-corrugated boxes with a metal bar to hang clothes on top. At the front, they have a big flap that opens to make packing a breeze. In short, wardrobe boxes are perfect for packing hanging clothes long-term. Be sure to put a few desiccant packets and red cedar blocks inside!

Pack Similar Fabrics Together 

It can be easy when packing clothing to put all your clothes together in one box. However, natural fibers need to breathe while synthetic fibers don’t. Also, some fibers, like wool, can be very itchy. Others, like satin, are just the opposite. Put them together, however, and you could have an itch-causing problem. That’s why, when packing clothing, you should always pack similar fabrics together.

Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

This last tip is for anyone with a vast collection of expensive clothing they need to store long-term in self-storage. It’s also for folks who live in an area with extreme heat and humidity. If that’s you, a climate-controlled storage unit is better than a regular storage unit. Climate-controlled storage keeps the temperature in your storage unit between 50 ℉ and 80 ℉ all year long. That means your clothing won’t experience extreme hot or cold. Humidity will also be much less of a problem, so your clothing will stay in excellent condition.

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We hope today’s tips and advice on how to store clothes in a storage unit have been useful. We’re sure that, if you use them, your clothing will stay in perfect condition while in self-storage. At Storage Solutions, We keep our storage units clean and safe. Our locations are secure, with 24/7 video cameras, on-site managers, and keypad-controlled front gates. 

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