Storage Unit Organization Ideas

Many of us often feel livid with rage at the looming thought of spring cleaning. Usually, the phrase produces a shiver down our spines, but with assistance alongside many tips & tricks, you’ll be more than astounded to find out just how much one can be more productive, more enthusiastic, and overall lead a better lifestyle with a fresh surrounding. That’s why we suggest investing in storage. Check out these storage unit organization ideas.

Storage Unit Organization Ideas: Allocate

A vital element to any well-constructed organization technique would be to carefully allocate a place where you can neatly slot all of your belongings. But, where can you do so you might ask. Many properties these days have been maximized for efficiency and don’t tend to have a dedicated storage room. The demand for storage units has been on the rise as of late, giving you some of the best prices. Storage units serve as numerous opportunities to categorize and store your valuable, enormous, and hardly used items.

If you’re in a dilemma of throwing your things out or holding onto them for future’s sake, a storage unit will do the trick!

Storage Unit Organization Ideas: Select

Before shoving everything into your unit, a valuable tip many professionals have to offer in terms of decluttering, goes out to comprehensively selecting the items first. Carefully decide what you can be parted with, such as your musical equipment, books, furniture, or maybe even some childhood toys!

Nevertheless, for various items such as overgrown shirts, rusted & torn furniture, as well as yellowed household goods, it’s best that you either donate or throw them away.

Shelves or Boxes?

While many use boxes due to its flexibility and affordability, on the contrary, if you intend to come back every so often and retrieve your belongings, a shelf or a rack might be a better alternative. If you’re seeking to utilize racks and shelves, it will be more beneficial if you use previously worn-down ones you still have, or purchase a few cheaper ones.

Nonetheless, for those who see storage units as an opportunity to swiftly and quickly store appliances & goods, and don’t see themselves coming back to for a longer duration, then boxes will do the trick.

We find it best to use both a mixture of boxes and shelves based on the needed storage. We’ll cover more of this later in this spring-cleaning guide!

Storage Unit Organization Ideas: Organization

Now that you’re all caught up and have transported your assets to your unit, let’s keep you up to date with a spring cleaning checklist and organization strategies 2020 of how you should arrange your items for maximum efficiency!

What goes in the back

Items that go right to the back should be those that you don’t intend to take out or use much of. This could range from heavy appliances such as fridges, guitars, washers, toasters, and so forth. If you don’t foresee a day you would take them out anytime soon, they should be stored directly at the back.

What goes in the front

The front of your unit should be placed with things such as books, clothes, essentials, and so on. This is the place you can freely unload without causing unwanted mayhem. Clothing racks should be on the frontline, since they are mostly equipped with wheels, allowing a streamlined process when trying to reach the back.

Storage Unit Organization Ideas: Packing

Spending a large chunk of time could go into oblivion if not done right. Therefore, instead of aimlessly packing your items, do it the smart way!


Extra supplies that you’ve been hoarding from a sale should be tightly fitted into a cardboard box, size depending on your amount and dimensions.


Furniture wise, you should envision its placement before doing anything. If you’ve got a large couch you would like to arrange into your unit; it might be more useful that you rotate it 90 degrees. As for fridges, and other powered appliances, it would be more favorable you don’t do so, as they might experience some damage of sorts.


First and foremost, an electronic device’s batteries should be removed prior to being inserted into your unit, just in case of a fire, or any other unwanted circumstances. If it’s a TV or anything of its kind, invest in some bubble wrap and double wrap it twice, especially covering the glass panel. It would also be ideal that you keep your original TV’s box, or utilize any other box to cover it in, as the last line of protection. Lastly, remember to put the TV at the bottom of the unit.

If you don’t see the need to spend on bubble wrapping, even a cloth and some towels that have been thoroughly washed & dried, will still do a better job than just leaving it out in the open amongst all your other items.

Regarding smaller items, such as laptops, computers, DVD players, speakers, and so on. You should do the same, just that you would have an option to place it inside a box with more items. Saving you much-needed space!

Fragile items

When talking about your fragile items such as any vase, glass, picture frames, and pieces that might break with the littlest of mishaps, you should put an appropriate amount of wrapping and place it into a box. As well as locating it beneath everything, but at the same time not near any sharp objects.

Storage Unit Organization Ideas: Save Space

If you have any extra space under a table, bookshelf, or clothing rack, use those to the fullest extent! Even for a wardrobe, you can fit those with a box or two. However, when it comes to fridges, washers, and such, you should stay away from inserting any boxes into those, unless you’re 100% certain that they are clean of any liquid and have been dried out for some time now.

Safety is the Number One Priority

Something that might not only affect you, but others as well goes to the safety standards you’ve taken into consideration. Anything that contains gasoline, chemicals, and oil should never be placed into your unit.

Electronics are a significant highlight when it comes to safety. Thankfully, most modern-day devices possess the necessary safety precautions taken already. But it’s always better that you remove the batteries and maintain them in good shape for the following months or years!

When going through your items, you might pick a few unlucky candidates you wish to throw out, please donate as much as you desire to, towards various charities, they will be able to do more than your wildest of imaginations!

It has also been highly advised for you to clean up and check up on your storage unit once every while. To prevent any infestation, and germs, you’ll be better off cleansing your assets every so often!

Finally, after all the cleaning, organizing, and packing you’ve done, you no longer need to worry about being horrified at the amount of mess that has accumulated, and somehow managed to cover more surface area than your entire bedroom. Now that those days are over, you can start to enjoy a delightful afternoon without worrying about the different species of bugs living beside you.