The Best Storage Unit Organization Ideas to Organize like a Pro

A storage unit allows you to store some (or all) of your precious things safely and securely. Renting a storage unit can be a blessing, especially if you utilize our storage unit organization ideas. More importantly, you’ll enjoy much more room at home with less clutter and chaos. 

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Consider what you plan to do with the things you put in storage. Maybe you want to refurbish antiques, enjoy action figures, or build figures with Lego building bricks. Maybe you have a retail store and need to store your overstock and supplies. You could also be a mechanic, electrician, plumber, or builder, and need a space for all your tools and equipment. For all of those endeavors and more, keeping your storage unit well organized is a must.

To help organize your storage unit like a pro, Storage Solutions put together the following real-world tips, hacks, and advice. Read on to discover the best storage unit organization ideas to organize like a pro! When you’re done, you’ll be an organization expert and enjoy your storage unit much more!

 The Best Storage Unit Organization Ideas to Organize like a Pro

Label Your Boxes Well and on All Sides

There’s nothing worse than trying to find a certain item in a huge collection of unmarked boxes. You end up opening one after the other until you finally (if you’re lucky) find what you need. Label your boxes well and on all sides to save you trouble. That way, no matter what side you’re looking at, you’ll see the label and know what’s inside. By the way, the best time to label boxes is immediately after you finish packing them. That way, you’ll remember what’s inside and be able to note it on the box.

Create a Layout of the Way you want your Storage Unit Organized

This tip takes some planning, and you’ll need to know what size storage unit you’ll rent. (the exact dimensions.) Below are step-by-step instructions to help.

  1. Use a sheet of plain, white paper.
  2. Make a rectangle using a half inch to represent 1 foot. (A 10’x15’ storage unit would thus be 5 inches x 7.5 inches.)
  3. If you plan to put up shelving units, use the exact dimensions to indicate them on the layout.
  4. If you want a table and chair in your storage unit, put that on the layout.
  5. Want an aisle (or several) in your storage unit? Put those on the layout.
  6. Maybe you’re storing something big, like a ride-on mover, motorcycle, kayak, etc. Include that in your layout as well.
  7. If you plan to stack some bins or boxes, they need to go on the layout where you want them.

Do this for everything you plan to store and all the features you want in your storage unit. When it’s time to start packing things into you’re unit, you’ll have a precise plan to follow!

 The Best Storage Unit Organization Ideas to Organize like a Pro

Use Cheap, Plastic Shelving Units

There are many shelving units for sale at big box home improvement stores. We recommend the cheapest because you’ll need a few of them. That means plastic shelving units, which are much more affordable than brushed aluminum. Plastic shelving units help you organize boxes well and reduce time unstacking and restacking to get to something. They also help you manage similar items and stack them high on the top shelf. They also keep boxes off the floor and away from any bugs that might enter your storage unit.

Stay Consistent with Containers

It’s not always possible, but if you can, use boxes or plastic bins that are all the same size. This tip will help you in many ways. You’ll be able to stack things more easily. Your stacks will be more stable, also, and more boxes will fit into your storage unit. We recommend using medium-sized boxes (3 cubic feet) or similarly sized plastic bins with lids. These stack well, fit on shelving units, and won’t get overly heavy. 

 The Best Storage Unit Organization Ideas to Organize like a Pro

Use Clear, Plastic Bins to Store Everything

This tip is a little more expensive than buying cardboard boxes, but a godsend if you can afford it. Large, clear plastic bins are the best when storing stuff in a storage unit because you can see everything that’s inside! That makes it easy when you need to find something fast! Plastic bins are waterproof, keep out bugs, and last much longer than cardboard boxes.

Never Pack your Things in Plastic Bags

There’s nothing worse than trying to stack large, plastic bags on top of each other. It just doesn’t work, and the things inside can get badly damaged when the “stack” inevitably falls over. Almost any type of sturdy container is better than using plastic bags when organizing a storage unit!

Store Heavy Stuff on the Bottom and Lighter Stuff on Top

This old tip has been around for ages but is still just as vital today. When stacking boxes or bins, stack the heaviest ones on the bottom and the lighter ones as you go up. That way, your stacks won’t be top-heavy and fall over.

Put Arm & Hammer baking Soda in Fridges, Microwaves, and Vehicles

Arm & Hammer baking soda absorbs odors like a champ. That’s why you must put a box in any large appliance you store and any vehicles. The baking soda will keep them from stinking while stored. It will also reduce mold and mildew because baking soda absorbs moisture also. Speaking of fridges, be sure to defrost yours before putting them in storage.

These Storage Unit Organization Ideas Brought to you by Storage Solutions

We hope you learned a lot about storage unit organization, The tips, tricks, and advice will go far in ensuring your things stay in pristine shape while stored. If you plan to be in and out of your storage unit regularly, you’ll be glad it’s well organized.

Our storage units are clean and safe at Storage Solutions, which is a great start. They’re also very secure with 24/7 video cameras, on-site managers, and large, keypad-controlled gates. To find the Storage Solutions self-storage location near you, click this link for our main web page

You can drop in and meet the onsite manager if there’s a Storage Solutions location near you. They will gladly answer any questions you have about organizing a storage unit. They can also help you choose the perfect unit size for your particular needs. Best of luck storing your things and keeping your storage unit well organized!

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