How to Use Self Storage to Make Your Home Renovation Easier

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Are you starting a home renovation project soon? If so, the information below is just for you! It’s everything you need to know about using self storage to make your home renovation easier and safer, brought to you by Storage Solutions. Read on to find out more and ensure your upcoming home renovations go smoothly.

Why Use a Self Storage Unit when Renovating Your Home?

No matter the home renovation project you’re set to undertake, whether your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or entire home, a blank canvas is always the best place to start. An empty space allows your remodeling team to work in an uncluttered, safer space.

Putting items into a storage unit will considerably reduce your remodeling team’s workload. It will also protect your furniture, appliances, and other valuable belongings from the dust, dirt, and grime that will inevitably be created.

You Can Store New Materials and Appliances in a Storage Unit

One of the best reasons to rent a storage unit during your home remodeling project is to store building materials, new appliances, and other items used. Here’s the thing: often, during remodeling, you’ll purchase something that will be needed halfway through or possibly at the very end of the project. This includes windows and doors, as well as flooring, cabinets, new appliances, and more. These often expensive items will be safer in a storage unit. Plus, if you’re moving out of your home during the renovations, you won’t have to worry about anything stolen while you’re not home.

Home Makeover Storage Solutions and Tips

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While the information we’ve provided so far is valuable, it hasn’t given you specific tips and solutions for renovating your home. Below, though, we’ve got several that can make the task easier.

1. Consider Hiring a Moving Company

Admittedly, moving heavy furniture and large appliances is not easy. In some cases, it can even be dangerous. To prevent injuries and keep your large appliances and furniture in pristine condition, hiring a moving company to move your things into short-term storage while you renovate is a very good idea.

2. Wrap Your Furniture in Plastic

Wrapping it in plastic is an excellent choice because you only store your furniture for the short term during the renovations. This will keep it clean when moving into and out of your storage unit.

3. Take Furniture Apart when Possible

Taking furniture apart will make it easier to move into your storage unit. That includes tables, bed frames, lamps, and other oversized items that come apart. These items will take up less space in your storage unit when taken apart.

4. Keep an Inventory

While moving your belongings into and back out of storage, things can sometimes get lost or, unfortunately, “walk away” on their own. That makes keeping an inventory a good choice.

  • Several apps, including Magic Home Inventory, MyStuff, and Encircle, can make this task easier. Here are some tips if you decide to use one of these apps.
  • Start inventorying as early as you can
  • Be as detailed as possible
  • Backup your data

5. Label Boxes and Bins as Well as You Can

There’s nothing worse than needing something during your home renovation but not being able to find it. For that reason, it’s highly recommended that you label any boxes or bins you put into your storage unit. Use a labeling machine or a magic marker to be as detailed as possible.

6. Reserve a Storage Unit Ahead of Time

If you know you’re going to rent a storage unit during your renovation, reserve it as early as you can. That way, you’ll be sure it’s ready and available when you arrive with all your items. Reserving a storage unit early allows you to move items into it ahead of the expected renovation start date.

7. Choose Your Storage Unit Wisely

In Arizona and Nevada, it is best to choose your storage unit wisely, depending on what you will store. For example, a regular storage unit should be fine if you store building supplies and new appliances.

However, a climate controlled storage unit might be a better choice if you’re storing collectibles, antiques, artwork, or other fragile items. These specialized units keep the temperature and humidity stable throughout the year, protecting items that would otherwise be damaged.

8. Rent a larger Storage Unit than You Need

Since you’re only renting short-term, renting a storage unit larger than you need is a good choice. This way, you can access items that you need when you need them without having to move everything out of your storage and then back into it afterward. This can reduce your stress significantly and save you a lot of time and energy.

Temporary Storage is Your Best Choice

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Most homeowners need temporary storage when remodeling since their projects take at least a few weeks. However, at many storage facilities, you need to sign a long-term contract, which puts you on the hook for an entire year. Even if your renovations only take, for example, 6 weeks, you’ll still be paying for your storage unit months later.

At Storage Solutions, however, we only offer monthly contracts. You can rent for a single month and, as the end of that month approaches, cancel your storage unit because you don’t need it anymore. If your remodeling project still needs to be completed, you can pay for another month of storage. In other words, you’ll never get stuck in a long-term self-storage contract with Storage Solutions.

Final Thoughts about Using a Self Storage Unit to Make Your Home Renovation Easier and Safer

We hope the information and tips provided today have shown you the benefits of renting a storage unit during your home remodeling project. At Storage Solutions, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners like you in Nevada and Arizona store their valuables while renovating their kitchens, bathrooms, and more. We do our best to make the process easy and safe, providing clean and affordable storage units that you can rent on a monthly basis.

If you’re ready, you can reserve a storage unit for your home renovation online, and it will be prepared when you start bringing things over. Until then, everyone at Storage Solutions wishes you the very best of luck with whatever home renovation project you’re about to undertake!