Why You Should Consider Moving to Sun City, AZ

Aerial view of Sun City during a sunrise

There are many stellar cities in Arizona, the gorgeous “Grand Canyon State”, but few are as attractive as Sun City. If you’re moving to Arizona for work, golf, to retire, or a little bit of everything, the information below will be genuinely useful. It’s a list of reasons why you should consider moving to Sun City, Arizona, brought to you by Storage Solutions. Before you decide where to live in Wildcats country, read on to discover why Sun City deserves a good, hard look.

A Quick List of the Pros of Moving to Sun City, AZ

If a quick and easily digestible list of the pros to consider when moving to Sun City, AZ, is what you want, we’ve got them for you right here!

  • The cost of living in Sun City is still affordable.
  • Sun City is a low home-maintenance city.
  • Public schools in Sun City are above average.
  • Sun City’s weather is lovely.
  • Sun City is a golfer’s paradise.
  • “Lake Life” is a thing in Sun City.
  • The Job Market in Sun City is strong.

The Cost of Living in Sun City is Still Affordable

While it would be a stretch to say that Sun City is a super affordable town, it’s more affordable than many of the similar cities in Arizona and the Southwest. Best Places gives Sun City an overall cost of living score of 113/100, 13 points above the national average. (The national average is 100. Lower than 100 is thus a better score.)

Surprisingly, one of the most expensive costs in Sun City is transportation. Miscellaneous costs are slightly higher than the national average, but groceries, healthcare, and, most importantly, housing are all below the national average. The median home cost in Sun City is $285,400, which is on the low side for Arizona and nearly $50,000 less than the U.S. average.

Sun City is a Low Maintenance Place to Live

Happy couple walking through Arizona sun

One important thing to note about moving to Sun City is that it’s a low-maintenance masterpiece. Here’s the thing ~ Sun City attracts many seniors and retirees. With their more relaxed lifestyle in mind, the city has gone out of its way to provide low-maintenance living. Homes, gardens, and yards are about as low maintenance as they get, with rocks instead of grass and plants that can go for ages without human intervention. The upside is that this allows you to invest your time in other things, including sports, hobbies, pets, and socializing.

Public Schools are Above Average

There are 126 public schools in Sun City, including the #10 best public high school in Arizona and the #6 and #7 best public elementary schools. There are quite a few more schools in Sun City that make it into the top 50 of the entire state, although it should be noted that there are several that don’t quite make the list either. The moral of the story: If you move to Sun City with children, choose a community connected to one of the top schools.

Sun City’s Weather is Very Attractive (Most of the Year)

Unless you skipped geography class in high school, you probably know that Arizona is one of the warmest states in the country. Depending on where you live, it’s common to see summer temperatures rise over 100°F.

Autumn, winter, and springtime in Sun City are generally gorgeous, with warm, dry, sunny days perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Sun City sees over 300 days of sunshine annually, so you’ll be outdoors often! Sure, you’ll want to bring sun protection and plenty of water. Unlike many American cities, though, year-round outdoor living is real in Sun City.

Golfer’s Paradise

Group of friends golfing

If golf is your game, you’ll love living in Sun City! There are at least a dozen clubs and courses close by, and several more if you fan a little further out. If you’re a talented and experienced golfer, you’ll find plenty of challenges and some of the most exhilarating courses you’ve ever seen! However, beginners will also have plenty of fantastic greens and courses to choose from.

Lake Life is Alive and Well in Sun City

Knowing how arid and hot it is in Arizona, you might be surprised to learn that there are two fantastic lakes nearby that offer boating, fishing, and all of the water sports you can dream of. The first is Lake Pleasant, located just north of the city and is particularly popular among Sun City residents. Canyon Lake is the second lake, which is a bit smaller but well-known in the area thanks to its beautiful (and surprisingly high) canyon walls, which are an impressive sight. If you enjoy everything about lake life, you’ll be pumped to know you can always do it when you live in Sun City.

The Job Market is Strong

You might be surprised to learn that Sun City is projected to see a nearly 45% job growth in the next few years, much higher than the projected 30.54% U.S. average. Sun City also has 3.9% unemployment, a tad lower than the national average. Jobs have increased by 3.3% over the last 12 months, and overall job growth in the city has been positive during that time.

The Best Neighborhoods in Sun City

Aerial view of Sun City neighborhoods

One unique factor about Sun City is that it was designed as a master plan community with several different “neighborhoods” with unique appeal. In other words, they’re not exactly distinct neighborhoods in the traditional sense. There are four of them, including;

  • Lakeview Estates: Offering waterfront properties, Lakeview Estates is prized for its scenic views and access to water activities.
  • Rancho Estates: Spacious lots and equestrian facilities make Rancho Estates appealing to folks seeking more space, privacy, and horses.
  • Ventana Lakes: Just outside Sun City, Ventana Lakes is known for its beautiful lakefront properties and vibrant community.
  • Sun City North: You’ll find new construction with modern homes and amenities here and younger families.

Last Thoughts about Sun City, Arizona

As we mentioned during the introduction, Arizona has many outstanding cities. If you choose to move to Sun City and need to store your household stuff when you get here, Storage Solutions is in town! Our on-site managers can help you decide what size storage unit you need and even advise you about climate controlled units.

You can reserve your Sun City storage unit online if you’re ready. It’s quick and easy, and everything will be ready to go when you and your movers arrive! Until then, here at Storage Solutions, we hope the information provided today has given you some good reasons to consider moving to lovely Sun City, Arizona!