Is Avondale AZ a Good Place to Live?

Wondering if Avondale, AZ is a good place to live? Are the schools good? Is Avondale, AZ safe? The answers? YES! Read on to find out why.

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So how does a storage unit company in Arizona know what it’s like living in Avondale? Because we’ve served the Arizona community since 1989! A suburb of Phoenix, Avondale has a population of almost 90,0000 people and is densely suburban. There are a lot of young families here and plenty of parks to keep them happy. But, the question remains, is Avondale, AZ a good place to live? In this article, we’ll take a look and answer that question for you! If Avondale is your destination, read on to find out more!

What Grade Does Avondale Get, Overall?

Overall, Avondale gets a very decent grade of B on several sites where they rate cities. It’s also the 19th Best Suburb to Live in the Phoenix metro area, which is fair. To get the overall score, we factored six things into the equation. They include public schools, housing, good for families, crime & safety, nightlife, and diversity. If you want a quick answer to the question “is Avondale, AZ a good place to live,” it would be yes. With a solid B, Avondale is definitely a good place to live.

Is Avondale AZ a Good Place to Live: Schools

Public schools also get a B grade, which is not perfect but not bad. There are 46 public schools in our city, and 16 of them get an A- or better. That’s really quite good, and means they’re doing well with education. If you’ve got a young family, that’s important (obviously). Good schools mean a better future for your children, with more significant opportunities. If you base a city’s worth on its education system, Avondale holds up very well.

Is Avondale AZ a Good Place to Live?

Is the Cost of Living Affordable in Avondale?

With a score of 99.7/100, Avondale is right on the line for matching the national average. That’s good news in some ways because, at the very least, we’re not more expensive. Of course, if you were hoping to spend a lot less than other cities, Avondale isn’t going to help. Still, you won’t pay a ridiculous amount more than other cities, either. (Take that, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami!) The only cost that’s above the national average is utilities at 103.6/100. Everything else is almost equal. If the cost of living is what you’re using as a determiner, Avondale is a good place to live.

Is Avondale AZ Safe?

Avondale gets a B overall for crime & safety. Which isn’t perfect, but it isn’t the worst either. There is good news, the serious crime here is well below the national average. Theft, unfortunately, is about 40% higher, so do make sure you lock your doors and windows. Most of the city is overall very safe. Like all American cities, you simply need to steer clear of any crime ‘hot spots.’ Also, if you read reviews, most residents say Avondale is quiet and safe. So, is Avondale, AZ safe? Most agree here that, yes, it is.

Is Avondale, AZ Safe?

Is Avondale AZ a Good Place to Live: Weather

To this question, we can give a definite yes! If you like hot, sunny weather with very low humidity, Avondale is going to be perfect. It’s dry and mostly clear all year, and we never, ever get snow. (It rarely drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.) The weather is almost perfect from late May to late September. (The worst month for heat, not surprisingly, is July.) In ‘winter,’ the daily average temp is 73 degrees! That hardly counts as winter at all for some people. If you were to base your judgment on the weather, Avondale would be an excellent place to live.

Is Avondale AZ a Good Place to Live: Diversity

It’s true that Avondale has a little something for everyone. We get a perfect score of A+ for diversity, which we think is terrific! We have a large Hispanic and Latino community. In fact, almost 20% of our residents were born in another country! Age-wise, we’re very well-distributed, with people 35-54 making up the majority.

Does Avondale Have Great Nightlife and Food Scenes?

On both of these counts, we happily say yes. Things seem to come to life in Avondale at night, as everyone comes out once the sun’s heat has dissipated. The cafes and bars get busy, and restaurants too. Speaking of which, the food scene here is off the chain! The Latino influence is everywhere here, but there are many other specialties also.

In 2019, the famed restaurant chain, Portillo’s, decided to open up in Avondale. A Chicago-style eatery, the restaurant is diner-themed and 9000 square feet. They can seat 200 guests and have a fantastic outdoor patio. In short, the nightlife and food scene in Avondale is thriving. Is Avondale, AZ, a good place to live? If you love good food, the answer would be yes!

Is Avondale AZ a Good Place to Live?

Is Avondale AZ a Good Place to Live: Home Prices

Many people determine if a city is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ by its housing prices. In Avondale, the median home price is $233,000, practically equal to the national average. The median rent is $1200, about 10% higher than the national average. Both of those numbers are good (not great). They’re a bit better than many other Arizona cities.

So, what do you think of Avondale? We hope you give us a big ‘thumbs up’ as we love it here! We feel that Avondale, in our humble opinion, is a very good place to live. We’re Storage Solutions, the self-storage experts. If you need a storage unit in Avondale, AZ we can help! Until then, best of luck with your move to Avondale! We know you’ll love your new life here because we live here and love it too!