Things To Do in Goodyear AZ Tonight

Looking for things to do in Goodyear, AZ? You’re in the right place! We’re Storage Solutions, the Goodyear, AZ storage units (and things to do) experts! Read on to find out the best activities in this awesome city!

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Young families have been flocking to Goodyear for years now. The upside is that many attractions have opened to keep the masses entertained, fed, and happy. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 of them for your perusal. If you’re moving to Goodyear, or just passing through, read on to see what our friendly ‘burb has to offer!

#1 Things to Do in Goodyear, AZ: Estrella Star Tower

Out here in the desert, there have been many cultures that have looked to the stars. In tribute to all of them stands the Estrella Star Tower. Fifty feet tall from the ground to the top, the Estrella Star Tower is in a spiral shape. The reason why is simple; it resembles the Milky Way, our celestial home.

The views here are amazing both during the day and at night also. When the sun’s out, you can see the surrounding area for miles. Getting to the tower is an adventure in itself as you walk a serene pathway over bridges and streams. If you’re looking for magical things to do in Goodyear, Estrella Star Tower will delight you. (By the way, ‘Estrella’ in Spanish means ‘star,’ so technically, it’s the Star Star Tower.)

Estrella Star Tower

S. Hillside Dr.
Goodyear, AZ
(623) 386-1000

#2 Things to Do in Goodyear, AZ: The Antique Mall

If you love antiquing, imagine this; 55,000 ft. of antique shopping all in one place! Inside you’ll find a massive variety of antiques of every kind and from every era. They don’t just sell antiques here, however, far from it. At Brass Armadillo, they’re community-oriented in a wonderful way.
They’re a great way to learn about antiques, meet new people (and find fantastic deals!). If antiquing makes your heart sing, the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall! It’s one of the best things to do in Goodyear, AZ, by far!

Brass Armadillo Antique Mall

13277 W McDowell Rd.
Goodyear, AZ
Website / Facebook

5 Things To Do in Goodyear AZ Tonight

#3 Things to Do in Goodyear, AZ: Horse Adventures

What do horseback rides, cowboy cookouts, and campfires all have in common? You can enjoy them all at Corral West Horse Adventures! Not only can you and your entire family ride horses, but you can also dress up like cow-folk too! All the Corral West horses are calm and well-trained (and their wonderful guides too) so that everyone has a great time. Corral West has their fantastic Comboy Cookouts for even more horse-riding adventure, which are a real treat!

They take you to their remote location for dining, singing, and dancing around the fire, just like the old West! One last thing we must mention is their wagon rides, which are fun for the entire family! You can pack your own lunch, and off you go! The beautiful Sonoran Desert will be your background for the whole day! No doubt about it, partner Corral West Horse Adventures is one of the top things to do in Goodyear, AZ.

Corral West Horse Adventures

14401 W. Arena Dr. AZ
Website / Facebook

5 Things To Do in Goodyear AZ Tonight

#4 Things to Do in Goodyear, AZ: The Community Park

OK, be honest, when was the last time someone claimed their park was ‘the best’ park in the entire state? Probably not recently, we’re guessing, unless you live in Goodyear, AZ! That’s because Goodyear Community Park is simply the best, no question. It’s very well run and offers a wide range of fun activities and amenities. There’s an excellent skate park, a dog park for your precious pooch, and even a splash pad in summer! With several playgrounds and places for the family to barbecue, it truly is a great park! (If you want to play volleyball with a group, we recommend calling a few days ahead to reserve a court.)

Goodyear Community Park

190 N. Litchfield Rd.,
Goodyear, AZ
Website / Facebook

5 Things To Do in Goodyear AZ Tonight

#5 Thing to Do in Good Year, AZ: Rainbow Ryders

Scan many a person’s bucket list, and you’ll find one thing near the top; taking a hot air balloon ride. We say, why not take a hot air balloon ride now while you’re visiting Goodyear?! They’re the largest hot air balloon business in the Southwest, with expertise and a commitment to safety. Their pilots? All have over 500 flying hours band are drug and alcohol tested regularly.
In short, it’s exhilarating and very safe to go up, up, and away in their beautiful balloons! There are rides for couples and, amazingly, for entire families too! They provide everything, and even a drink of champagne for the adults when you land. (It’s tradition!) We can’t think of a better thing to do in Goodyear than this!

We hope you enjoyed these top 5 things to do in Goodyear, AZ, and wish you a wonderful time in Goodyear and smiles all around!