Is Phoenix, AZ a Good Place to Live?

There’s no denying it. Phoenix, Arizona has a lot to offer in terms of weather, amenities, and attractions. But if you’re thinking of moving to Phoenix, there are lots of other factors to think about before you go. And we bet you’re wondering the biggest question of all: is Phoenix, AZ, a good place to live? Read on to find out and get a better idea of whether Phoenix is the right city for you.

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Sunshine and Heat in Phoenix

Phoenix is a good choice for you if sunny weather is essential to you. For example, the average winter temperature is 67° F. Also the average temperature for the whole year is 75° F. In addition, the National Climatic Data Center reports that Phoenix gets more sunshine than any other major city in the US. That sure sounds great to us! You won’t have to worry about your vitamin D if you live in Phoenix, that’s for sure. So, is Phoenix, AZ, a good place to live? If warm, sunny weather year-round is crucial to you, yes, it is.

Is Phoenix, AZ a good place to live?

Phoenix, AZ, is a Good Place to Live for Art Lovers

One thing that makes a city or town an excellent place to live is culture and the arts. There are more than a handful of museums, gardens, and cultural attractions in Phoenix. For example, you can find the world’s largest collection of desert plants at the Desert Botanical Garden. Are you interested in the world’s most extensive collection of firefighting equipment? If yes, the Hall of Flame will be a real treat! And the Heard Museum has one of the world’s finest exhibitions of American Indian artifacts. There’s also the Arizona Science Center, one of the best in the country and a local Phoenix favorite.

The Public Schools in Phoenix, AZ are Rated Highly

As a parent, you’ll be glad to know seven of Arizona’s best public high schools are in Phoenix. Ultimately, the city gets a B- for its school system. That’s not perfect by any means, but it isn’t a disaster. However, it does mean that you need to be careful to choose the right Phoenix community for your family. That way, your children will have access to one of the better public schools in the city. (There are over 500 of them!) If giving your children a sound primary education is important, Phoenix, AZ, will be a good place to live.

The Phoenix Food Scene is one of America’s Best

Most people agree that delicious food and plenty of opportunities to enjoy it are essential to a happy life. In Phoenix, we’ve had James Beard Award winners yearly since 1992! For example, Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco and Beau MacMillan, the executive chef of Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. (He’s a Food Network superstar!) You’ll find every fare imaginable all over the city, including Asian, Middle East, and Mexican. Is Phoenix, Arizona, a good place to live? If you go by the variety and deliciousness of the food here, it certainly is!

Is Phoenix, AZ a good place to live?

Phoenix, AZ, is a Good Place to Live for Sports Fans

For millions of Americans rooting for a hometown, professional sports team is the perfect weekend pastime. In Phoenix, there are four major professional sports teams. (Our city is one of only 13 that can boast this fact!) The local Phoenix teams include the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL and the Arizona Diamondbacks in the MLB. The NBA’s Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Coyotes of the NHL also play here. Imagine, you can spend your weekends and evenings watching local games all year long!

Even better, because of the phenomenal weather in Phoenix, we host the Super Bowl every few years. (The next Phoenix Super Bowl will be in 2023!) If baseball is more your thing, the Cactus League and its 10 stadiums are here, too. Come watch over 200 spring training games in Phoenix including 15 different teams! In short, Phoenix, Arizona, is a good place to live if you enjoy professional sports.

Opportunities to Enjoy the Outdoors are Plentiful in Phoenix, AZ

One factor that makes any city a good place to live is the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. In Phoenix, there are plenty of those opportunities (and the weather to go with them). For example, there are more than 160 golf courses in the greater Phoenix Metro area. Also, within 90 minutes of downtown, there are six outstanding lakes to enjoy.

Then there’s South Mountain Park and Preserve, one of the biggest in North America. It’s simply fantastic with over 16,000 acres and 50 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails!

Phoenix, AZ, is Ranked Well for Families

If you’re moving to Phoenix with your brood in tow, the good news is the city is ranked well for families. That’s not surprising when you consider we have good schools, excellent weather, and many outdoor fun opportunities. For parents, Phoenix has top-notch nightlife and plenty of jobs. The diversity in the city is also high, and commute times are relatively low. (Just over 25 minutes one-way.) Frankly, crime rates are slightly higher than average, but still not a catastrophe for a major American city.

Is Phoenix, AZ a good place to live?

Phoenix, AZ, is a Good Place to Live, Work and Enjoy Life

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