Living in Phoenix Pros and Cons

Like any large city, living in Phoenix does have a drawback or two mixed in with many advantages. If you’re thinking of moving to the Valley of the Sun, and you’d like to know about the good and the bad, this article is for you! It’s all about Living in Phoenix Pros and Cons so that you know before you go!

Rich in history and culture, Phoenix is a beautiful paradox. In the middle of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix is lush, with an annual rainfall that can reach 15 inches. America’s 6th largest city, most places in Phoenix have a small-town feel. Even though it lies in the desert, the average temperature is a comfortable 72F. All of these things add up to a city that, while difficult to define, is a wonderful place to call home.

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PRO: There’s So Much To Do in Phoenix

First up on our list of living in Phoenix pros and cons are the city’s amenities and activities. What do you get when you combine 33,000 acres of desert preserves, 189 parks, and 200 miles of trails? All the space you need to hike, bike, fish, rock climb and go horseback riding, that’s what! Phoenix boasts the largest municipal park in the United States, South Mountain Park & Preserve. Then there’s Papago Park with the famous Hole-in-the-Rock, and Camelback Mountain too! If you got too hot and dusty you can always head over to the Salt River, grab yourself a tube, and spend the day floating around. One thing’s for sure in Phoenix; there’s plenty to do outdoors!

living in Phoenix pros and cons

CON: The Summers Are Hot Living in Phoenix

July, August, and September in Phoenix mean that you’ll be dealing with some heat. It’s what the locals joke about being a ‘dry heat’ but it’s not nonetheless. If you’re not a big fan of sweating every time you leave the house, it can be a bit bothersome.

PRO: The Climate is Enjoyable Living in Phoenix

Ever heard of the ‘Goldilocks Test’? That’s when something is just right, and Phoenix passes the test with flying colors. For example, Seattle is too rainy, while New York and Los Angeles are too expensive. Denver and Chicago are much too cold while Miami is far too humid. Atlanta? It comes close but, all things considered, Phoenix is just right – even if it does get a little hot. It’s got great weather, an affordable cost of living and all the good things all of those other cities offer. Goldilocks would love to live here!

CON: Living in Phoenix Means Dust Storms

While the weather sure is nice, it’s still a desert. The high winds of the desert can produce dangerous dust walls called ‘haboobs’.  Haboobs reduce visibility to zero when they roll through. Additionally, the dust in a Phoenix dust storm tends to produce very small grains of sand. That means if you’re outside, some of it will end up in your lungs. For people with respiratory problems, all that dust could lead to an asthma attack.

PRO: Food in Phoenix is Delectable!

The food scene here in Phoenix is delectable! We’ve got the best Mexican food north of the border, with more taquerias than you can shake a taco at! We’re also proud to have what many call the best pizzeria in the United States, Pizzeria Bianco!

CON: The Education System Needs Some Help

Unfortunately, Phoenix and Arizona in general are towards the bottom of America’s list in terms of education. On the bright side, they’re working hard to make things better by funding the city’s schools.

PRO: The Streets Are Organized in a Grid

Phoenix’s founding fathers knew what they were doing. They laid the city out like a giant grid that runs north to south and east to west. That makes getting around in the city easier than any other city in the United States. You won’t even need a GPS! Plus, we’ve got 20 miles of clean, safe, and affordable light rail transportation and the city is very bike-friendly. All of that adds up to the lightest traffic of any big city in the country.

PRO: Living in Phoenix Means a Rich Culture

Phoenix measures up to any big city in the US when it comes to culture. From ballet and Broadway to symphony and the theater, we’ve got it all. It starts with the Arizona Opera Company and Ballet Arizona. If outdoor entertainment is your thing, Ak-Chin Pavilion is one of the best outdoor performance centers in the nation. You’ll find a lot of Mexican influences here in Phoenix as well. And don’t miss Gammage Auditorium, the last masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright on the Arizona State University campus.

PRO: There’s Golfing Galore!

If you’re a fan of hitting the links Phoenix will be a delight! We offer more than 200 golf courses, which makes us one of the top golf cities in the United States. We also host the biggest PGA event of the year, The Phoenix Open, which always draws record-breaking crowds. The weather here allows for golfing almost every day of the year. It’s no wonder people describe Phoenix as a golfers paradise.

living in Phoenix pros and cons

Where to Store Your Stuff in Phoenix

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