Phoenix Job Relocation Guide

The greater Phoenix area started to grow thanks in large part to retirees moving down and taking advantage of the warm weather all year round. Little by little, the city began to evolve into more than just that.

These days, professionals are moving to Phoenix and falling in love with everything the city has to offer. It is not only an opportunity to grow as a professional, but there are great schools to put children in as well. More and more selling points means that Phoenix is the perfect place to balance a professional and family life.

We understand that moving up in the world as a professional is exciting, but also stressful. If a person is coming to the Phoenix area due to job relocation, we have storage solutions taken care of to help smooth things out.

Finding the right place to live in the Phoenix area

Moving to a new city means attempting to figure out the good and bad places to live in a short amount of time. There are a lot of beautiful neighborhoods in Phoenix and surrounding suburbs, but it is more than just finding the right location to really make a person feel like they are comfortable in the area.

To start, there is a lot of urban sprawl in Phoenix. The city is huge, and it can take a long time to get from one side to the other. Do not make the mistake of taking a great new job, and then moving to a location that is a long commute away. This robs professionals of valuable family time.

Living in the desert is a lot different than nearly every other place in the United States. It is essential to know the differences so that expensive material items are not compromised. The dry heat in the desert takes a toll on a person’s body, and it hurts furniture as well. In particular, anything made out of wood will begin to crack or split if it is too dried out.

Our self-storage options are perfect for protecting antiques or heirlooms if they can’t go into the home. Everything is climate controlled, and it is going to work a lot better than putting them in the attic or garage. When a person stores them at home and forgets about it in Phoenix, they are usually surprised to see just how different things look after the fact.

Falling in love with family opportunities

Professionals continue to flock to Phoenix, even without knowing that much about the area in general. It is a new adventure for many people, and it all comes down to how people making the most of it.

After working hard during the workweek, there are ample opportunities for families to do all sorts of things together. There are numerous national parks that surround the greater Phoenix area, and other points of interest to discover as well. What many people find out after moving from a big city up north is that there is so much space for different activities. People love having the opportunity to go camping, take a road trip, get into a specific sport, and more. It is one of the beauties of desert living in general.

Really into golf? There are golfing opportunities nearly everywhere in the Phoenix area. It is a sport many people are passionate about, and professionals have used it for a long time to make business connections as well. There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of all the different courses, which are generally pretty inexpensive compared to the rest of the country. Having that much space means that building a golf course does end up costing as much.

Setting up for retirement

Professionals who move to Arizona while still working usually have an idea in the back of their mind that they could possibly retire here as well. If everyone feels just right once moving to a brand new location, it might work out.

Even if it is a decade away, it is always nice to start developing friendships and a connection to an area before stepping out of the workforce. When moving to a new area out of state after retirement, some find it difficult to make new friends.

Why Phoenix continues to grow as a professional destination

Phoenix may not have the same history in offering professional advancement opportunities like other major cities, but everything is growing at a rapid pace in the desert. Not only is Phoenix proper growing, but all the suburbs are taking off as well. Scottsdale is a perfect example of this. Just east of Phoenix, it has developed into its own city in a lot of ways. Still, it is considered one of the Phoenix suburbs to anyone not from the area.

What are some of the top industries in Phoenix that are drawing in professionals? There is at least some type of presence in nearly every industry. Construction has always been a very robust industry in Phoenix, and oil, gas, agriculture, manufacturing, and more stay strong as well.

The city is not quite a technological hub like some others out there, but that industry is growing at a rapid pace. Aerospace companies also continue to invest heavily in the area. Look for tech-related fields to have a huge amount of growth in the coming years, as companies look for alternatives on the west coast that are a bit more inexpensive.

All in all, seasoned professionals are moving to Phoenix more than ever before. Those who have never visited might not understand just how much the city has evolved in recent times. Instead of waiting for actual retirement, this could be a final professional working designation for many out there.

Most people are surprised by how big homes are in Phoenix, generally speaking, but storage units are still needed by a lot of people moving to a new city. We understand that every individual has options when it comes to renting a unit for themselves. By putting customer needs above everything, we make everyone feel comfortable and safe with their belongings. Yes, even in a brand new part of the country.