Salvation Army Donation Guide

The holiday season is a time of togetherness, but it’s also a great time of year to help those who are less fortunate. Whether you plan on volunteering or to donate items, the Salvation Army is a great choice. However, just how do you donate to the Salvation Army? We’ve compiled a list of Salvation Army donation guidelines for your use. So before you decide how to donate your time or money, read this helpful Salvation Army Donation Guide to make the most of your kindness.

Salvation Army Donation Guidelines: Acceptable Items

The Salvation Army is happy to receive money as a donation. You’ll probably start to see representatives with that famous bell very soon. The Salvation Army also takes new and gently used items too. Clothing is one of the most popular things to donate, particularly coats. If you have new items with the tags attached or are in good condition, they’re happy to take them.
Aside from clothes, the Salvation Army also accepts household items. You can donate things like pans and dishes, electronics, and even furniture. Make sure that anything you donate is free of damage and is clean. The organization has a helpful guide on their website that explains what they accept. If you want to donate toys, Toys for Tots is another excellent place to consider donating to.

salvation army donation guidelines

Salvation Army Donation Guidelines: Tax Deduction

If you donate to the Salvation Army, you can use the value as an itemized deduction on your taxes. The Salvation Army does not write these guidelines, but the IRS does. Check the IRS website to determine the current rates for the specific items you donate. When you give your items to the Salvation Army, they should provide you with a receipt. Please keep this receipt as proof of your donation, and be sure to use it when it comes time to file your taxes.

How to Donate to the Salvation Army

You can donate to the Salvation Army by giving money when you see representatives around town. You can also contact them directly to make a financial donation. If you have large items like furniture or big electronics, call them and ask to schedule a pickup. They will even take old vehicles. You can also look online for Salvation Army locations that have a donation drop-off box. This is an easy way to donate smaller goods like clothing, toys, and household items. You can access drop-off boxes after hours, but remember that you won’t get a receipt if you choose to donate this way.

salvation army donation guide

No matter how, what, or where you decide to donate to the Salvation Army, we hope this Salvation Army Donation Guide helped! It’s a wonderful way to show you care this holiday season.