Should You Move to Cave Creek, AZ?

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Arizona is a fantastic choice if a dry, sunny, and always warm climate is what you want in a place to live. Among the many beautiful towns and cities in the Grand Canyon State is Cave Creek, a city known for its stunning natural desert landscapes. If you’re considering moving to Arizona and searching for information on Cave Creek, you’re in luck! The info below about whether you should move to Cave Creek has insights and facts about this delightful small town. It’s all brought to you by Storage Solutions, the self storage experts in Arizona. Read on to inform yourself before you arrive.

The Pros and Cons of Living in Cave Creek, AZ

One of the best ways to determine if you should move to any city in the United States is to look at the pros and cons. There are several for Cave Creek, although the pros outweigh the cons. We’ve listed them below to give you a better idea of what you’ll find when you arrive.


Aerial view of Cave Creek , AZ
  • Natural Beauty: Cave Creek is well known for being in the heart of the beautiful Sonoran desert. You won’t be disappointed if you love seeing spectacular views from your backyard or driving around town.
  • Many Outdoor Activities: Thanks to the almost unlimited amount of sunshine in Cave Creek, you can enjoy various outdoor activities when living here. That includes horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and climbing.
  • Culture and History: Cave Creek boasts a rich history and combines a unique blend of the Old West with Native American cultures. This is reflected in the town’s architecture, artwork, and local events.
  • Cave Creek is Close to Phoenix: We’ve mentioned that Cave Creek is a small town that offers fewer amenities than larger cities. The good news is that Phoenix, the largest city in Arizona, is nearby.
  • Low Crime Rates: Crime rates in Cave Creek are much lower than the national average, especially violent crime.
  • Excellent Public Schools: The public school system in Cave Creek is one of the best in the state. Fourteen of the 19 public schools in Cave Creek get an A- or higher grade, which is excellent.
  • A Strong Job Market: Cave Creek is seeing higher job growth than the national average and a higher average income ($57,628).


  • Extremely Hot Summers: If you know anything about Arizona, the summer here can be swelteringly hot and dry. Cave Creek is no exception, with 2 to 4 months of sweltering weather between May and September.
  • Relatively Dull Nightlife: As a tiny town, it’s not surprising that the nightlife in Cave Creek could be more exciting and faster. (Luckily, Phoenix and its vibrant nightlife are close by.)
  • Limited Water Activities: There are no large bodies of water close to Cave Creek, which might be a drawback if you like boating, fishing, or long walks on the beach.

What’s the Weather Like in Cave Creek?

Located in the high Sonoran Desert, Cave Creek has, not surprisingly, a desert climate that’s characterized by extremely hot summers but also very mild winters. You can expect temperatures to reach 100°F or higher from June through August and even September.

If you can take the summer heat, however, the winters in Cave Creek are practically perfect. Daytime temperatures generally range between 65°F and 75°F Fahrenheit, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Nights are cooler but rarely freezing, which makes for perfect sleeping weather. Lastly, Cave Creek averages about 12 inches of rain annually, making it one of the driest places in the United States.

The Best Neighborhoods in Cave Creek, AZ

Aerial view of downtown Cave Creek

As mentioned several times, Cave Creek is a very small town. That said, the city offers several beautiful neighborhoods, which we’ve listed below.

  • Tatum Ranch: A highly sought-after community known for its beautiful homes, family-friendly atmosphere, and proximity to top schools.
  • Rancho Mañana: Stunning desert views and the Rancho Mañana Golf Club make this neighborhood ideal for those seeking an upscale, tranquil lifestyle and great golf.
  • Dove Valley Ranch: This diverse community offers a range of housing options, from condos to large family homes. It’s popular for its affordability and easy, fast access to outdoor recreation.
  • Canyon Ridge Estates: Spacious lots and exclusive custom homes make this Cave Creek neighborhood a top choice for folks seeking upscale living.
  • Desert Forest South: This serene neighborhood is close to the Desert Forest Golf Club, making it appealing to golf enthusiasts.

Top Fun and Interesting Things to Do in Cave Creek

Person hiking through the desert during a sunrise
  • Visit Cave Creek Regional Park: Enjoy hiking, horseback riding, and camping amidst beautiful desert scenery.
  • Explore Frontier Town: Take a step back into the Wild West, with unique shops and restaurants and a glimpse into the area’s Western heritage.
  • Golfing at Rancho Mañana Golf Club: Known for its stunning desert landscape and challenging course.
  • Attend the Cave Creek Rodeo: Showcasing professional rodeo competitions and genuine cowboy lifestyle.
  • Explore the Cave Creek Museum: Get deep insights into the local history, culture, and archaeology.
  • Explore Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area: Known for its archaeological sites and lush riparian areas.
  • Enjoy Cave Creek’s Local Dining Scene: Cave Creek boasts a variety of dining options, especially authentic Southwestern cuisine.
  • Take an Art Walk: Cave Creek’s vibrant art scene includes several galleries and art events.
  • Visit the Thieves Market: For unique antiques, this market offers a treasure trove that’s perfect for collectors.

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