Top Tips on How to Properly Store Your Golfing Equipment

Golfing equipment laid out

For many, golf is more than a sport or hobby; it’s a genuine passion. If you’re a golf enthusiast, you likely have quality golf equipment to help you make your mark on the greens. When the day ends, however, and it’s time to pick up your clubs and go home, one question remains: what’s the best way to properly store your golfing equipment?

To help you determine the answer, the storage experts at Storage Solutions put together the following info-packed article. It’s loaded with top tips on how to store your golf equipment, including bags, clubs, accessories, etc.. Read on if that’s the detailed and actionable information you were searching for today!

Choosing the Correct Golf Equipment Organizer

Golf professionals will tell you that the cornerstone of storing your golf equipment well starts with a high-quality equipment organizer. A dedicated golf equipment organizer will go a long way toward keeping your golf gear arranged and, more importantly, protected. Most organizers are made to hold golf bags, clubs, and accessories in a relatively compact space. If you have a limited amount of storage space at home, a golf equipment organizer can be beneficial. (Even if you have the space, they’re highly recommended.)

How to Store Your Golf Bag Properly

Several golf club bags lined up

Golf bags are a ubiquitous part of the game and one of its best inventions. Many golf bags can get quite expensive, though, depending on the material and manufacturer. Therefore, storing your golf bag properly is necessary to protect it from mold and mildew. It’s also best to store your golf bag upright to prevent strain on its interior structure, as well as to keep your clubs accessible for the next time you hit the links. Lastly, throwing a few silica gel desiccant packs into your golf bag to absorb moisture is a great idea.

Don’t Forget to Use Golf Club Headcovers

Golf club head cover with 7 on it

Golf club headcovers might seem insignificant, but they are essential if you have a high-quality set of clubs. Headcovers prevent your clubs from banging into each other, which can cause scratches, nicks, and more serious damage. Some golf enthusiasts choose to cover only their best golf clubs with headcovers, but experts recommend using at least a basic headcover for every club in your bag. The more headcovers you use, the longer your golf clubs will stay in excellent condition.

Clean Your Golf Equipment Regularly

Golf, for the most part, isn’t typically a dirty game. However, it’s certainly possible for dirt, sand, grass, and other debris to adhere to your clubs, causing wear and tear with time. Before that can happen, it’s best to clean your clubs and inspect them for signs of wear or damage, addressing those problems as quickly as possible. Regular cleaning and inspection of your golf equipment will prolong its life and ensure everything is ready to go the next time you head to the golf course.

Tips on Storing Golf Shoes

Close up shot on a person wearing golfing shoes

Like golf bags, clubs, and other equipment, golf shoes are integral to the game. They can also be wildly expensive, which makes taking care of them and storing them well a must. Below are several excellent tips that will help you store your golf shoes ideally and keep them in excellent condition long-term.

  • Use a quality leather conditioner on leather golf shoes
  • Place moisture-absorbing silica gel packets inside your shoes to prevent mold and mildew and reduce unpleasant odors.
  • Store your golf shoes in a breathable bag
  • Use a shoe tree to help maintain the shape of your golf shoes
  • Before storing golf shoes, make sure they’re completely dry
  • Clean your golf shoes after each use to remove grass, sand, dirt, and other debris

Store Your Golf Equipment in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Like any high-quality sports equipment made with different materials, including iron, steel, leather, and so forth, humidity and extreme temperatures can damage your golf clubs, bag, and other equipment. If you have high-quality golf gear and no place to store it at home, your best choice is to store it in a climate controlled storage unit. As the name implies, these storage units control the temperature and humidity inside the unit, protecting your precious golf equipment from humidity, moisture, and the damaging effects they cause. (Storage Solutions has climate-controlled storage units at many of our self-storage locations.)

Use Clear Plastic Containers for Golf Accessories

There are a lot of different accessories needed for the game of golf, including gloves, balls, tees, hats, and more. You can store these in a suitable cardboard box, but storage experts recommend storing your golf accessories in clear plastic containers. The reason why is simple: you can easily see what’s inside! That makes finding something specific much easier and faster, especially when you’re in a rush to get out on the greens and practice your swing!

Track Your Golf Gear with an App

Golf ball and clubs on grass

While golf gear tracking apps won’t protect your gear from damage, per se, they can make it easier for you to find a specific item or track it down if it gets misplaced, lost, or accidentally picked up by another golfer. Even better, a good golf app will help you create a maintenance schedule, send reminders for cleaning your golf gear, and even provide excellent tips for taking care of your equipment. In other words, by embracing technology, you’re organizing and protecting your golf gear and optimizing your golfing experience.

Final Thoughts on How to Properly Store Your Golfing Equipment

As we’ve seen, storing your golfing equipment well is not difficult, but it is definitely a necessity. The better you store your golf equipment, gear, and accessories, the longer they will last and the less you will spend purchasing new gear.

At Storage Solutions, we hope the tips we’ve provided today have empowered you to store your golf equipment like a professional. With safe, clean storage units in Arizona and Nevada (two of the biggest states for golfing), a Storage Solutions self storage facility is likely near you. Reserve your storage unit online today to store all of your golf gear and anything else you need to store. Until then, happy golfing!