The Pros and Cons of Living in Surprise, AZ

You’re sure to love Surprise, AZ for a small-town vibe with big-city amenities. About 45 minutes from Phoenix, Surprise offers culture and fine dining. Not to mention, it is home to MLB spring training with the Royals and Rangers! The city is also surrounded by a dizzying variety of outdoor amenities and green spaces. For example, the Sonoran Desert, White Tank Mountain, and Lake Pleasant. Amenities aside, if you’re moving to Surprise, it’s helpful to know what to expect, good and bad. We have that info for you below, from the weather to traffic, crime, public schools, and more. So read on to discover the top 5 pros and cons of living in Surprise, AZ.

pros and cons of living in Surprise AZ

Pros of Living in Surprise, AZ

Winter Weather in Surprise is Wonderful

Surprise, Arizona will be a dream if you’re moving here from a city where winter can be fierce. Winters here are mild, warm, and dry, with less than a handful of freezing days the entire time. From November through March, most days are in the low to mid-70s during the day. At night, there’s great sleeping weather with temps in the mid to upper-40s. And as for snow, you won’t see a single flake in Surprise. (If you miss the snow, several ski resorts are within a ½-day’s drive.)

Public Schools in Surprise, AZ, get High Marks

When you have kids, it’s critical they go to great public schools and get an excellent primary education. Of the 46 public schools in Surprise, 11 get an A. And most of the other schools are B-rated. So that’s great news for parents, as most Surprise neighborhoods are connected to a highly-rated school. Two of them, Liberty High School and Paradise Honors High School, are ranked in the Top 100 in Arizona! Giving your kids a great head-start on life is easier when you live here. In fact, it’s one of the best of all the pros and cons of living in Surprise, AZ!

Surprise, AZ is a Safe City

As crime rates increase, living in a city with low crime is a must. The good news is that Surprise, AZ, has a very low violent crime rate. Our property crime rate is much lower than the national average, also. How low is the crime rate in Surprise? In 2021, we were named the 6th Safest City in Arizona! No matter your lifestyle or living situation, the low crime rates in Surprise, AZ, are a big plus indeed.

pros and cons of living in Surprise AZ

Surprise is one of the Best Phoenix Suburbs for Families

Surprise, AZ is a great place to raise a family with low crime, great schools, and excellent weather. There are many parks to enjoy, traffic is moderate, and the diversity here in the city is excellent. Job growth over the last few years has been positive, also. In short, Surprise is practically perfect if you’re married with children and want to enjoy life!

The Cost of Living in Surprise, Arizona, is Reasonable

Today, many American families are searching for new ways to stretch their budgets. Moving to a more affordable city is one of them, which makes Surprise, Arizona, a good choice. Now, truth be told, Surprise isn’t the most affordable city in the United States. With a cost of living score of 104 /100, we’re just above the American average. The only score that’s much higher is housing, which isn’t bad either. Our housing cost index score is 113 / 100, lower than many cities of similar size and amenities.

Cons of Living in Surprise, AZ

Commute Times in Surprise, AZ are Long

The average commute time one way in the United States is just under 27 minutes (which is long enough!). However, in Surprise, AZ, we have a commute time of over 30 minutes! If you’re a daily commuter, that’s not good news. Luckily, transportation costs in Surprise are reasonable.

The Nightlife in Surprise is a bit Dull

For younger people looking for nighttime fun, Suprise is lacking in that area. Yes, we have a few decent bars and restaurants, but you won’t find any trendy clubs or hotspots. Even the bars that are here only get middling marks and OK reviews. The highest-rated place in Surprise? That would be Player 1 Arcade, where you can play classic pinball while you knock back a few brewskies.

pros and cons of living in Surprise AZ

Summer in Surprise is Sweltering

As pleasant as the winter in Surprise can be, summertime is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk! With a comfort index of 4 / 10, you’ll be roasting from June through September. That’s when temps climb over 105° F during the day! (No matter how much you love hot, sunny days, that’s a bit much to handle.)

Rental Prices in Surprise are High

For young couples and singles, renting in Surprise, AZ, is almost unaffordable. For example, median rents here start at $1400.00 a month. That’s a pretty tough nut to crack if you’re starting your career.

Surprise, AZ is Dry as a Bone

Our last Con for Surprise, AZ, is one that most of the state shares; a significant lack of water. It can be a shock if you’re used to letting your sprinklers run or washing your car with abandon. Water is precious in these parts, and conservation is critical.

pros and cons of living in Surprise AZ

Many Pros and Cons of Living in Surprise, AZ

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From everyone here at Southern Storage, we wish you the best in moving here and finding a new home. And we’re positive that you’re going to love the tranquil lifestyle in Surprise, Arizona!

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