Unexpected Things You NEED Climate Controlled Storage for in Arizona and Nevada

Here at Storage Solutions, we understand how important temperature control is when storing items that are susceptible to being damaged by extreme heat. Since we operate in Arizona and Nevada, we’ve experienced the scorching summer temperatures that these states are famous for, which is why we suggest climate-controlled storage units to our customers. In the desert, heat protection isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for many types of items. While there are some items that will survive hot temperatures for prolonged periods of time, those are exceptions to the rule. The good news is that you can store just about anything in a non-climate controlled storage unit in Arizona and Nevada for a short time. You have to be careful due to the extreme heat in the desert, but if it’s just for a few days you can probably get away with it.

unexpected items that need climate controlled storage in arizona

Storing Items in Non-Climate Controlled Storage in Arizona and Nevada; Worth It?

Air-conditioned storage is the way to go if you’re planning on renting a storage unit for a long period of time in Arizona or Nevada. The extreme heat of the summers here is enough to damage just about anything. Now, storing things in this kind of heat for a short time, that’s often possible if you’re careful. Planning to store for only a few weeks? Nearly anything in non-climate-controlled storage in Arizona or Nevada won’t damage in that short timeframe. It’s a gamble, but it’s not that big of a gamble. Why would you want to rent a non-climate controlled unit? It could save you money. In the middle of a short-term move? It’s likely that your items will be safe with a non-climate controlled unit. This will save you some money. When you’re moving, any money you can save helps.

Items You Should Never Put in Non-Climate Controlled Storage

While some things survive in high temperatures, there are several items that should not go into non-climate controlled storage. These are items that could melt in the heat, rust when it’s humid, or burst if they freeze.


If you have sculptures made of stone, you might be okay with storing them in a non-climate controlled storage unit in Arizona or Nevada for a short time. But any other type of art? Bad idea. Art has two qualities that make it a poor candidate to put at risk in a hot or cold storage unit. First, it’s often expensive, second, it’s often one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. So, if you’re thinking of saving a few bucks by storing any type of art in a non-climate controlled storage unit, you better rethink your decision.

Pictures, books, or documents. 

Heat and humidity cause paper to yellow and warp, even if it’s only exposed to these environmental factors for a short time. So don’t put your family album in non-climate-controlled storage in Arizona or Nevada.


Make-up doesn’t hold up well under high temperatures, so it’s best to either bring it with you on a move or pay for a climate-controlled storage unit for it.

Leather clothing or furniture. 

Extreme heat will dry leather out which will cause it to crack.


There’s a reason that wine cellars are in a cool, dark place, and that reason is that wine doesn’t do well in extreme temperatures. Save your wine and always opt for climate-controlled storage in Arizona and Nevada heat!


We do not recommend storing electronics in a non-climate controlled storage unit. Extreme weather can damage electronics. Heat, especially, will melt and damage sensitive electronic components. Electronics can be very expensive to repair or replace, so we suggest you don’t take the risk!

Are There Any Unexpected Items That Require Climate-Controlled Storage?

Some other items that you need to be on the lookout for are items that need to be in a climate-controlled storage unit in Arizona or Nevada if you plan on storing them for a long time. These are items that will be fine for a few weeks or even a few months in most cases, but anything longer than that and you’re risking damaging them.


Furniture might not seem like something that is vulnerable, but it is. When it gets too hot or too cold wooden furniture can crack and split. Furniture with metal components, such as springs, can rust. All furniture that has fabric is vulnerable to mold and mildew during times of the year when the humidity rises.


As we mentioned above, paper can get warped in storage. A good rule of thumb is that you should never put any valuable paper items in storage. During mild times of the year, you can get away with regular storage for paper, but it is susceptible to heat and moisture. This includes boxes you use for storing other things.

Wardrobe boxes on white background

What Items Can You Store in a Climate-Controlled Storage Units During the Summer?

Storage units can be helpful to anybody that has limited space in their home. You probably don’t need winter clothing in the summer. Pool toys aren’t going to do you much good in the winter. So, what kinds of things are popular with people to store in the summer here in the desert? How about winter clothing? Or any kind of toys like snowboards? Sure, we’re talking about Arizona and Nevada, but in the high country it gets cold and snow is very common in the winter. The point is that you should use your storage unit to free up space in your home during off-seasons. If you happen to have gently used items that you want to get rid of, there are some great donation centers in the Phoenix metro. 

Regular storage units are a great place to keep your belongings safe. However, in the heat of Arizona and Nevada, a climate-controlled unit will keep them pristine. Contact a storage specialist today to find out how to properly store those heat-sensitive items.