9 Solid Tips for Building a Home in Phoenix

If you’ve decided to move to Phoenix and build a home, we can’t say that we blame you! This is one of the nicest cities to live, work, and raise a family. If you’ve done those things already, it’s also a fantastic city to retire (especially if you love golf!). The weather here is truly fantastic, the activities are abundant and the food scene is a delight. The next question is, should you build or buy a home in Phoenix?

Building a home in phoenix-everything you need to know

If you’re thinking about building a home in Phoenix, you’ve come to the right place. As with anywhere, there are certain things you need to factor in when building a home in Phoenix. It’s a massive, sprawling metro area, no doubt, with many attractive and inviting communities to choose from. There’s plenty of lots available too, in a wide variety of sizes and prices. One of the bigger questions is which area is best for your particular plans? To help you, we’ve put together this list with a few top-notch tips!

#1- Put Together a Solid Plan of Action

Sprawling estate or modest abode, having a plan of action in place before you make any type of land purchase is vitally important. One mistake that many make is to buy a plot of land first and then start planning. 

The problem is, once you purchase a lot you need to fit your vision to that lot, rather than finding a lot that fits your vision. By creating a plan first you can make the most important decisions based on it, rather than having to change plans due to a bad decision. 

We strongly suggest you make renting a self-storage unit part of your plan. That way, you’ll have a safe place to store your items and supplies while your new Phoenix home is being built. At Storage Solutions, you can access your storage units 24/7 through a keypad-controlled front gate. Our facilities are well-lit at night for extra safety and monitored by video cameras 24/7. There’s also a manager on-site for added security and to help you if you have any questions.

Monsoon storm over the Arizona desert and cities of Tempe, Phoenix and Scottsdale

You can send everything for your new home directly here and put it into storage. That way it will be safe and sound until your contractors are ready to use it. Appliances, wood flooring, windows, and other high-end items will be much safer here we think you’ll agree. (The alternative is leaving them exposed and vulnerable to theft in your half-finished home every night. Not a great alternative, we think you’ll agree.)

#2- Make Sure Water is Readily Available

One of the biggest factors when building a home in Phoenix is the availability of fresh, clean, and strong-flowing water.  Builders construct new homes off of the water and electricity ‘grid’. It behooves you to know what your water source will be and make sure it’s relatively abundant before you purchase a lot. Also, make sure to know where the floodplain is, any possible easements, and the lot’s drainage needs as well.

#3- Choose the Best Location For Your Needs

This is important for several reasons. First, if you’re young and starting a family, you’ll want to be near a good school district. If you plan to golf a lot because you’re retired, building near a golf course you enjoy is a good idea. Making sure healthcare options are close by is a good choice too, just in case. Plus, if you don’t want new construction to bother you, an older and established community might be your best choice. (If you can find an empty lot, of course.) 

New residential construction home framing against a blue sky. Roofing construction. Wooden construction

If you want to be close to the ‘action’, you’ll want a lot that’s not too far outside the city limits. Or you may want absolute quiet, in which case a lot further out in the Sonoran Desert might be best. Also, make sure you’re not too close to an industrial-zoned area, which is always a good idea.

#4- Choose The Most Important Elements

This is a factor that’s unique to every person and family, what you want and need in your new home. Building a home in Phoenix allows you to choose, so make sure you choose wisely. For example, do you need three bedrooms, or will you be okay with 2? Do you want a ranch home, or does your taste tend towards Colonial? Is a sprawling kitchen with plenty of counter space a necessity, or will a smaller kitchen suffice? There are, undoubtedly, many choices that you’ll need to make, which leads us to our next tip.

#5- Choose a Top, Local Architect

Unless you’re an expert in home design, finding an excellent architect is your best choice to get the dream home you desire. Someone who will work with you closely to help fine-tune your vision for your new Phoenix home. By the way, we suggest choosing an architect that’s from Phoenix or one that’s close. The reason is simply that the Sonoran Desert poses several challenges architects from other areas might not be capable of handling. Also, local architects will be able to incorporate local building supplies, styles, and techniques.

#6- Find a High-Quality Home Contractor

Once your architect delivers the complete plans for your new home, you must find a local contractor who can make them happen. You’ll want to look for a contractor who has plenty of experience building homes in your area. Different parts of Phoenix have different attributes like bedrock and access to water, as mentioned earlier.

A new build home in phoenix under construction

We highly suggest that you hire your home contractor before you purchase a lot. Their input could save you thousands of dollars and an awful lot of stress from buying the wrong lot. Of course, you’ll also want a contractor that’s licensed, insured, and bonded. By the way, some suggest finding a builder first and then an architect, just FYI. They say that, in this way, both can work together to monitor your budget and design needs for the best outcome.

#7- You Can Build Your Phoenix Home Yourself (But Do You Want To)

This is a question that many ask when building a new home in Phoenix; can I build it myself? The short answer is yes, under Arizona law, you can build your own home anywhere in the state. But the bigger question is, do you want to do that and, even more importantly, do you have the skills and expertise needed? Some might answer in the affirmative because they’re either a contractor or once were in another part of the country. That’s great, especially if you have experience building homes here in Phoenix.

Besides that, however, we highly recommend that you do not build here yourself. There are simply too many factors that make building your own home difficult and, in Phoenix, even more so. But, again, you can if you wish. Suppose you have the skill and experience needed to do the job right, more power to you!

#8- Remember, Building a Home in Phoenix Takes Time

In Phoenix, as in practically every other part of the country, building a new home takes time. The average amount of time depends on several factors but generally is about two years. That includes finding a lot, getting plans, choosing a builder, and getting all the necessary permits. We mentioned earlier that some people suggest hiring a builder and architect at the same time. The benefit of this is that they can work together and expedite the building process. 

One of the more critical processes you’ll face is the preparation of your site and lot. The topography in Phoenix is a major factor, as well as the soil. The truth is, something as simple as preparing your site can take as long as two months. Then there’s the coordination of tradespeople like framers, roofers, plumbers, and electricians, to name just a few. In short, you should prepare to wait and be patient, especially if you’re building where setbacks might occur.

New residential construction home framing against a blue sky. Roofing construction. Wooden construction

Speaking of waiting, Storage Solutions has plenty of storage units in Phoenix where you can store everything until it’s needed. That includes your household goods if you’re between homes, of course. Many people move their things too early due to delays and closings. If that happens, Storage Solutions is here to help.

#9 – Prepare for Delays

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but we feel it’s always good to prepare for delays. When building a home in Phoenix, there are a lot of challenges, and some things might get delayed. Delivery of materials, for example, or the occasional dust storm. If you change your plans, you can expect even more delays, and inspections can sometimes cause them as well.

Welcome to Your Newly Built Phoenix Home!

Everyone here at Storage Solutions wishes you the very best of luck in your new Phoenix home. We know you’re going to love living here! If you need any help with storage, please chat with us online or call one of our friendly, on-site managers at your convenience. Most importantly, welcome to Phoenix! We hope you find living here as pleasurable, pleasant, and enjoyable as we do.

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