Fun Things To Do in San Tan Valley

man golfing with cacti nearby

Welcome to the exciting community of San Tan Valley! Whether you’re a local seeking new adventures or a visitor eager to explore, San Tan Valley offers an array of endless fun. From outdoor activities in the rugged beauty of San Tan Mountain Regional Park to thrilling matches at the Barney Family Sports Complex, there will …

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The Pros and Cons of Living in Florence, AZ

florence az city hall with sky

One of the oldest towns in the United States, Florence, Arizona, has more than 25 buildings listed as historic places! That’s surprising when you consider that just over 25,000 people live in Florence, making it a genuinely small town. Like all American towns and cities, Florence has both some excellent pros and a few cons. …

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How to Properly Store an RV

aerial view of an RV driving on the highway

Millions of folks around the United States have RVs they use to escape everyday life, see the country and enjoy special times with friends and family. Of course, most people only take short trips with their RVs, meaning they need to store them safely the rest of the time. That’s where Storage Solutions comes in …

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The Most Fun Things to Do in Tempe, AZ

Aerial view of a city

Home of the mighty Sun Devils of Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, is a great place to live, work, and get a college education. If you are moving here or plan to, read ahead as we discuss some of the top activities in Tempe. Besides watching the Sun Devils’ play, there are many other fun …

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Exploring the Outdoors in San Tan Valley, AZ

Desert with cactus and mountains in the background during a sunset

If you’re moving to San Tan Valley, Arizona, sometime soon, you will likely be interested in learning about the area before you arrive. One crucial factor many people want to know is what the weather is like in San Tan Valley. Another thing people usually want to know is what are the best outdoor activities …

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The Dos and Don’ts of Storing Oil Paintings On Canvases

The Dos and Don'ts of Storing Oil Paintings On Canvas

Oil paintings on canvas are trendy and are found in many homes, businesses, and government buildings. Oil paint on canvases is a popular medium for artists due to its look and feel when brushed. Do you have a collection of oil paintings on canvas you need to store? If yes, the information below will be beneficial …

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11 Fabulous Guest Bedroom Inspiration Ideas

The great Benjamin Franklin used to say that “houseguests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” Likely, Mr. Franklin never bothered to create a guest bedroom that kept his guests from “going bad.” (He wouldn’t have had such stinky sentiments if he did.) If you entertain guests frequently and wish to help them stay …

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Top Tips and Advice on Learning How to Draw

Drawing is inherently human, an activity we’ve been doing since we first started drawing on cave walls. Children love to do it, and many spend hours drawing to their heart’s content. Of course, some people can draw much better than others. That begs the question; what does it take to learn how to draw? Also, …

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Is Biking on the Sidewalk Illegal in Tempe, AZ?

is biking on the sidewalk illegal in Tempe AZ

If you live in Tempe or you’re moving here, you might have some questions about bicycling. For example, where are the best bike shops in Tempe, AZ, and what are the bicycle laws? Also, is biking on the sidewalk illegal in Tempe, AZ and will Tempe police ticket you for biking on the sidewalk? For …

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The Best Summer Jobs for College Students

College life can get hectic; there’s no doubt about it. Between studying, completing projects, meeting objectives, and more, it can be exhausting. That’s why summer break is such a relief for busy students. Summer break is a great time to relax and also make some money. So, read on to find the best summer jobs …

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