How to Hit a Golf Ball Like a Pro

Many new golfers share a common mistake; they make hitting a golf ball more difficult than it should be. The thing about golf that’s great is that, unlike other sports, the ball stays still when you hit it. That gives you all the time you need to line up, get set and make a great swing. Below are the steps you should take every time you step up to a tee.

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How to Hit a Golf Ball Like a Professional

#1: Establish a Target Line

The target line is the straight line that leads to where you want the golf ball to land. Establishing your target line simply means you line yourself up to hit your ball in the correct general direction. A well-established target line is crucial for hitting your golf ball where you want it to drop. 

#2: Position Yourself Correctly

The address position is the pose you take before starting your swing. First, you need to align your body parallel to your now-established target line. Next, your knees should be bent just slightly, centering your weight over the balls of your feet. 

Part of the address position also includes gripping the club. Using a standard grip, let your triceps rest against your chest, with your arms hanging straight down. This is the posture you should always have before your swing. It’s relaxed but also athletic and lines your body up to hit like a pro.

#3: Turn Your Shoulders

The first part of a golf swing is the backswing as you raise your club up to hit the ball. Before you do that, turn your shoulders. When your hands are waist high (give or take) without lifting your arms, you’re ready. Called the one-piece takeaway, this positions you in the correct plane to hit the ball well.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Like a Pro

#4: Bend Your Elbow 

Depending on whether you’re right or left-handed, bend your elbow while you go through your backswing motion. (Right-handed golfers will bend their right elbow and vice-versa.) This bent elbow stance will naturally angle your golf club onto the correct plane for hitting.

#5: Stop Turning at the Top of Your Backswing

Once you’ve reached the top of your backswing, you can stop turning your shoulders. Turning them will allow your hands to lie in place correctly on their own. (It’s a natural movement, so don’t try to force it.)

#6: Begin Your Downswing

If you’ve turned your shoulders and bent your elbow correctly, start your downswing with your upper body. (It’s the natural way to swing, even if you’ve heard you should start your downswing with your lower body.) Be sure to keep your forearms relaxed while you swing. Also, your opposite elbow should be pointing straight down. That allows the clubface to get squared up and, more importantly, lets you backhand the golf ball.

#7: Hit the Golf Ball

If you’ve done everything correctly up until now, hitting the golf ball is next. It should come quite naturally. Surprisingly, it’s easier to hit the ball than to stop your swing if you’ve set it up correctly. Also, as you swing, picture in your mind where you see the ball landing. 

#8: Swing Into Your Finish Position

The last step in your new golf swing! Remember to swing through the impact without slowing down or stopping prematurely. Congratulations! You now know how to hit a golf ball like a professional golfer! All you need to do now is practice your swing 10,000 times, give or take a few swings!

How to Hit a Golf Ball Like a Pro

Now That You Know How to Hit a Golf Ball, Move to AZ

In Arizona, golf is one of the most popular outdoor activities, with hundreds of courses across the state. That’s because Arizona sees over 300 days of sunshine every year, perfect weather for hitting the links. Golf courses are everywhere you look, from Phoenix to Tucson, Scottsdale, Sedona, Yuma, Tempe, and many more!

Here’s the thing about golfing in Arizona; the views are simply spectacular! Plus, the golf courses here are as diverse as the landscape, from plateaus to deserts, mountains, and amazing rock formations. The weather is typically dry with low humidity, making for a more comfortable game. Indeed, much of Arizona enjoys moderate temps all year. (That’s especially true in northern Arizona.) In short, golfing in Arizona offers a lot of perks with few flaws.

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Until then, we wish you all the luck in the world working on your golf swing. We hope the information today about how to hit a golf ball has been educational and helpful! Best of luck out there on the many excellent links in Arizona!

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