Is Chandler, Arizona, a Good Place to Live?

Dr. Alexander J Chandler, the founder of Chandler, Arizona, had envisioned a city on the cutting-edge for its day. He saw a part of Arizona with incredible beauty and untapped potential. Yes, it was a desert, but the right irrigation system would bring water. He borrowed advanced irrigation ideas from the Native Americans and converted Chandler from a desert into vibrant, cutting-edge, and farmable land. 

Many would say that Chandler, AZ, is still on the cutting edge. Today, however, it’s not irrigation but technology, city planning, and more that make Chandler a fantastic city in the desert. If you’re moving here, you might wonder if Chandler, AZ, is a good place to live, work, and play. Storage Solutions is here to help you answer that question. Read on to discover everything about Chandler, Arizona, and decide if it’s genuinely a good place to live.

What is the Weather Like in Chandler, AZ?

One factor that makes a city a good place to live is sunny, warm weather. If that were the only criteria, Chandler, AZ, would be perfect because the weather here is close to excellent. Yes, it gets ungodly hot in the summer for a few months, but it’s great for the rest of the year! There’s barely a hint of rain, the sun is always shining, and outdoor life is the way of life! The winter comfort index in Chandler is 8.6 out of 10, which is phenomenal! 

How are the Public Schools in Chandler?

Another crucial factor when judging the worthiness of a city is its school system. Again, Chandler, AZ, would win hands down if this was the only factor, as the schools here are world-class! The #7 Best High School in Arizona is in Chandler, as are the #11, #13, #16, and #19! Of the 100 public schools in Chandler, over 25% get an A or better! That’s great news for families with school-age kids. It also makes Chandler, AZ, a great place to live for families.

What About the Cost of Living in Chandler, AZ?

When debating a city’s worthiness, one factor you must consider is the cost of living. Chandler, AZ, will never be an inexpensive place to live. The reason is that housing prices are about 40% higher than the national average. That’s a bit high, but not nearly as high as other cities that offer as much as Chandler. Also, the rest of the cost indices in Chandler are near or below the national average. Take a look for yourself, and you’ll see that, besides housing, everything else is reasonable:

  • Overall- 113/100
  • Groceries- 99/100
  • Healthcare- 92/100
  • Housing- 138/100
  • Utilities- 102/100
  • Transportation- 112/100
  • Miscellaneous- 99/100

Are the Food, Dining, and Nightlife in Chandler, AZ, Above Average?

Many folks in Chandler genuinely enjoy the wide variety of restaurants and cuisine. There are so many; you’ll never run out of something new to try! City planners wanted to ensure Chandler had many cuisine options, similar to Phoenix, AZ. They did a great job, as there are plenty of decent chain restaurants and many unique eateries, bistros, and cafes. 

As for nightlife, Chandler’s downtown is about as exciting, fun, and attractive as they come! Many quaint shops, cool clubs, and live music make it a great place for date nights! The Chandler Center for the Arts also puts on great plays and shows! Plus, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park is a hoot! If food, dining, and nightlife make a city a good place to live, Chandler fits the bill perfectly!

Does Chandler, AZ, offer many Opportunities to Enjoy the Outdoors?

Opportunities for outdoor fun and adventure are one area where Chandler genuinely stands out! As you might already know, golf is huge in Arizona, and Chandler has no lack of fantastic courses. Veterans Oasis Park and Desert Breeze Park offer urban fishing and well-stocked lakes. Then there’s San Tan Mountain Regional Park, where the serene, majestic beauty of the Sonoran Desert is on full display. Hiking and biking are like traveling to another planet! If you’re into bird watching, Veterans Oasis Park is perfect, and the kids will love Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center! There’s so much more we could go on for another page or two! Suffice to say that outdoor activities abound in Chandler, AZ! 

Does Chandler Suffer from Urban Sprawl?

A drawback of living in Chandler, AZ, is that, like many Arizona cities, it’s growing very quickly. With a population hovering around 266,000 inhabitants, it’s no small town. Phoenix is right next door, also, which can make it feel even more crowded. Many of the folks in Chandler were born and raised in other cities, which can be problematic for some. Still, compared to the 4 million+ folks who live in Los Angeles, Chandler is relatively tiny.

How is the Crime in Chandler, AZ?

One last note about Chandler, Arizona, is the crime rates here. The good news is that violent crime is only 13 / 100 compared to 22 / 100 nationally. However, property crime is right at the national average, which is not so great. Still, neither is above the national average. That makes Chandler, AZ, a safe city, which goes far when judging any place to live.

Chandler, AZ, is a Fantastic Place to Live!

All things considered, Chandler, AZ, is a fine place to live, work, play, and raise a family. The weather, schools, nightlife, diversity, outdoor activities, and job market are all excellent! Besides housing, everything else is affordable! 

If you’re moving here, you’ll be glad to know that self-storage in Chandler is also affordable. At Storage Solutions, we have safe, clean storage units in Chandler, AZ, ready for all of your things. Many people reserve a storage unit in Chandler, AZ before they arrive. 

If you have questions about self-storage, call (480) 269-8860 for fast, friendly help. You can also visit our self-storage center in Chandler and meet the onsite manager. They can help you rent the perfect storage units in Chandler for your specific needs! By the way, if you’ve just arrived, welcome to Chandler! We hope you find it as wonderful a place to live as we do!

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