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Chandler, AZ Self Storage Units

We at take great pride in ensuring that your security and the security of your items is our top concern. Not only do we have a fully fenced facility of storage units in Chandler, we ensure that access to the facility is controlled and that the premises is monitored 24/7 via security cameras. However, we understand that some of our clients want to take the extra step to put their mind at ease and to ensure minimal losses, not only from theft but also from any potential damage and unwanted surprises.

So, apart from coming to see our Chandler storage unit facility and making sure that it's to your satisfaction, what else can you do? Firstly, make sure that you pack and store your items correctly to minimize damage. This preparation may take more time than simply placing all the items in boxes and taking them to the storage facility, but the added protection is well worth it. Some of the steps and precautions you can take include:

1. Putting down a pallet so that your items don't rest directly on the ground. 2. Storing valuables in the back of the unit. 3. Covering items with cloth covers or packing them in suitable plastic boxes that will protect items better than cardboard boxes. 4. Inspecting your storage unit regularly. 5. Not stacking your boxes too high, as this can increase the risk that they will fall and damage the items inside. 6. Don't load items on top of furniture; it will damage both the items and the furniture itself. 7. You should also invest in the best quality lock that you can find. Disc locks are your best option as they are difficult to remove and make a lot of noise when the potential intruder tries to break them. Look online for reviews and testimonials before selecting the best lock that you can.

If you're still concerned about security and protecting your items from damage and theft, talk to our Chandler storage unit facility manager. They will be happy to address any concerns that you may have.