How To Store Pastel Drawings: 8 Tips

Looking at how to store pastel drawings? Look no further! If you’re into drawing with pastels, you already know what a rewarding hobby it can be. It’s relaxing, and when you’re done, you have something you made yourself to decorate your walls. Plus, pastel drawing involves loads of bold colors that will brighten a room.

One small problem with pastel drawings is that they can smudge easily. That’s especially true when you store them long-term. The last thing you want to see is your masterpiece made into a mess, so we’re here to help. Below you’ll find a fantastic list of our Tips on How To Store pastel Drawings. It’s got all the info you need to store your creations so that, after storage, they’ll still look beautiful. Enjoy!

Tip 1: When Drawing, Leave An Inch Around The Border

This isn’t a storage tip, per se, but it will make storing pastel drawing easier. Simply leave a 1-inch border along all four sides when drawing. That way, you’ll have room for a mat, which can protect the edges better.

Tip 2: Cover Your Pastel Drawing with Glassine

Glassine is a museum-quality paper used for archiving things like photos and paintings. It’s inexpensive but will protect your pastel drawings very well while in storage. You’ll want to cover the entire drawing with glassine to be sure it’s completely protected. By the way, glassine won’t damage your pastels as it doesn’t attract loose particles. It’s the safest material you can use. (Museums use it for their precious, priceless paintings.)

Tip 3: Use an Acid-Free Foam Board

This is a fantastic Tip! To protect your pastels and the edges of all your drawings too, use two sheets of acid-free foam board. Place your pastel drawing in between two pieces that have that you have cut to size. (Leave an extra inch around the edges.) Then, tape them together like a sandwich using acid-free tape. It’s the best way to protect them from practically anything while in storage.

How To Store Pastel Drawings: 8 Tips

Tip 4: Place Pastel Drawings in a Large Mirror Box

Store your pastel drawings with mirror boxes. Mirror boxes are the best boxes for pastel drawings of medium and large size. They generally come in 2 pieces, although there are 1-piece mirror boxes too. (You can purchase them at Storage Solutions, plus tape too.) Mirror cartons are wide enough to fit several pastel drawings, even after they’ve been ‘sandwiched.’ (See Tip #3.) Simply tape them together, slide in your drawings, and tape the top closed. Voila, they’re super protected! By the way, this is the best way to protect your pastel drawings when you move, also.

Tip 5: Stay Away From Regular Cardboard and Tape

Here’s the thing; regular tape and cardboard are great, but not for pastel drawings. The reason why is acid. See, cardboard and tape have acid in them, and overtime in can leach onto your artwork. That, in turn, can yellow it and cause it to deteriorate faster. Yes, it’s a bit cheaper than acid-free cardboard and tape, it’s true. But if you want to make sure they survive storage in fine shape, you should avoid them. (The extra expense isn’t huge by any means.)

Tip 6: Keep Them in a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

This is a crucial tip. Changes in the weather and humidity can damage pastel drawings. They can cause the pastels to become smudged, ruin the frames, and otherwise damage your artwork. If you store your pastel drawings in a climate-controlled storage unit, extreme weather changes won’t make a difference. That’s because the climate in your storage unit will stay the same from January through December. (Regardless of what mother nature decides to dish up.)

Tip 7: Store your Pastel Drawings Flat

Whether they are in a mirror box or not, you should always store your pastel drawings flat. Make sure that there is a piece of glass in between each one, of course. Also, make sure that they’re stored where nothing can fall on them. (That could be a disaster of epic proportions!) Since they’re relatively late, you can put them on top of a dresser, filing cabinet, or whatever. They won’t damage anything and will be better protected, especially in the long-term.

How To Store Pastel Drawings: 8 Tips

Tip 8: Frame Them With Glass on Top

This is, by far, the best Tip to protect your pastel drawings. Framing them with glass on top is the ultimate way to protect against smudges and damage. You’ll want to use glassine first, though. That’s because if the glass touches the pastel particles, they can stick to it. So glassine first, then the glass, and of course a nice frame. It’s the ultimate way to make sure your pastels drawings stay pristine forever.

Remember, a pastel drawing is kind of like wet paint. If you (or anyone else) touches the pastels, they’ll get smudged or smeared. That’s why framing them with glassine and glass is so important, even if you’re not storing them.

Don’t know where to find acid-free cardboard, tape, or glassine? No worries, here are a few links that can help!

If you package your pastel drawings in a mirror carton, you can purchase them from most Storage Solutions locations. You can also purchase most of the other items at an arts and crafts store like Michaels.

Best Of Luck Storing Your Beautiful Pastel Drawings!

Here at Storage Solutions, we want to make sure all your things stay safe and sound. Our climate-controlled storage units are the best for that, especially if you need long-term storage. 100% transparency, for short-term storage, a regular storage unit might suffice. Whatever you choose, your pastels will be safe and secure with us!

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