Should I Retire In Sun City, Arizona?

It’s the moment you’ve been working towards for decades. For many who have reached retirement, it can be both frightening and exciting. On the one hand, you’re about to leave behind a place you spent most of your adult life. On the other side, you’re about to embark on a new chapter in your life …

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Securing Your Spare Keys

lost keys

It’s hardly uncommon to lose or forget your keys somewhere. Because of that, it’s worth having a contingency plan so you won’t have to suffer the inconvenience of waiting for someone to bring you a spare or the expense of having to call up a locksmith and then possibly waiting around for hours until the locksmith arrives. …

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How Self-Storage Will Evolve

unlock using a smart phone

At a time when many jobs, products, and services are being “disrupted” by advanced technologies, it follows by implication that the self-storage industry will also evolve. Technological disruption in self-storage, however, is likely to yield exceptional benefits to the consumer. Here are three key areas where individuals who rent self-storage units will see massive changes and …

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Dos and dont’s for quilt storage

stack of folded quilts

Quilts are labors of love that are an expression of creativity and hours of hard work. Many families have quilts that have been passed down from generation to generation, making them heirlooms that should be treasured. If you have a lot of quilts, old or new, you’ll find it impossible to display all of them …

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Ten Uses for Your Self-Storage Unit

woman painting with easel

Storage units are ubiquitous when it comes to packing away excess furniture and other items that don’t seem to fit around the house. Given their safe and secure premises, as well as their precise build and construction, however, storage units can be much more than a dumping ground for unwanted belongings or a suitably secure place to …

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