Property Management

Storage Solutions: Your property management solution.

Specialized management services

Arizona Mini Storage Management Company (AMSMC) is the leader in self storage management services, whether you own one storage facility or several. If you’re looking for self storage operations management, we are here to help! Our mini storage management services can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need self storage information or details about our property management services, we have a solution for you!

Professionally managed self storage sites

As a licensed real estate broker in Arizona together with over 100 years of combined self storage management experience, we have the expertise to effectively manage self storage facilities to result in sustained profitability and long-term equity growth for our clients.  AMSMC also specializes not only in Facility Management, but also Development and Acquisitions.

AMSMC advantages:

Enhanced buying power

Our clients benefit from group participation in operational and advertising expense. Reducing the costs in these areas translates into more profits for you.

  • Website presence with search engine optimization and marketing
  • Business and Property Liability Insurance Package
  • Marketing and Promotional products
  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll Services
  • Volume discounts for ancillary income items such as locks and packing supplies

Management reporting

Site records management is computerized using on site management software designed for the self storage industry. This allows for timely, accurate reporting; daily, weekly, and monthly. Financial reporting is delivered to owners monthly.

  • Computerized management software
  • Timely, accurate, and meaningful reports; daily, weekly, monthly
  • Instant access to accounting, tenant, and site information
  • Monthly financial reporting provided to owners

On-site training and supervision

  • Established policies for training new staff
  • On site procedures and computer training
  • Supervisory site visits
  • Continuous communication
  • Periodic manager meetings and training seminars 

Audit controls and procedures

Bank deposits, alterations, and accounts payables are audited weekly. Bank statements are reconciled each month. Our staff provides quarterly site inspections and unscheduled audits. Sales techniques are periodically audited by an outside firm. All expenses are reviewed on a monthly basis. Maintenance projects are bid out and submitted to owners for all capital expenditures that require approval.

  • Weekly auditing of deposits, alterations, accounts payable
  • Monthly bank reconciliation
  • On-site inspections and unscheduled audits
  • Periodic sales technique audits by outside firm
  • Annual operating budget
  • Review of expenses monthly
  • Facility maintenance bids and recommendations

Ancillary income through services and products

  • Truck rentals at selected locations
  • Locks, packing / shipping supplies
  • Propane at select locations

Property tax evaluation

  • Annual property tax appeal review
  • Successful reduction in assessments

Employee and owner benefits

  • Group dental / health insurance
  • Group property and business liability insurance
  • Pre-tax care plans

Assist owners / investors in selling their site(s)

  • Licensed real estate brokerage
  • Interactive network with other brokers, buyers, sellers
  • Resources for interested buyers through our managed sites

Development services

  • Feasibility reports and market surveys
  • Zoning, site approval, construction coordination
  • Site-plans / Layouts in C.A.D.