In-Depth Guide to Storage for College Students

Studying in college or university is an exciting time, no matter who you are or where you study. Learning new ideas, expanding your mind, and meeting new people is a hallmark of human learning and something millions of Americans have experienced. Of course, when you're away from home, you still need the things that make life livable. For example, your bed, cooking utensils, a desk and chair, a fridge, clothes, and furniture like dressers and night tables. That's the same whether you live in a dorm on campus or rent an off-campus apartment to share with your fellow students.

All that stuff presents a problem that all college students face: the need to ship everything back and forth to your home every time school lets out for a break. For many students, that means renting a truck and driving hundreds of miles back home, a tedious, boring, and time-consuming task that eats into your break time.

The solution? Renting a storage unit close to college or university! Like an extra-large closet, a storage unit offers an empty space to store your college belongings between semesters or during summer break. If you're dreading your next college break because you must lug all your stuff back home again, a storage unit might be the perfect solution. Read on to find out why and how college students across the country use storage units to make their college experience less stressful.

Reasons Students Need Self-Storage

You might be surprised at some reasons a storage unit can make your college experience more manageable, more enjoyable, and less stressful. We've listed some of the best of them below to give you an idea of how valuable renting a storage unit near your school can be.

1. No Need to Rent a Truck and Drive Hundreds of Miles

Many students attend college or university hundreds of miles away from the place where they grew up. If that's you, and you need to bring your belongings back home every time between breaks, it usually means renting a truck and driving hundreds of miles back home. Of course, it also means doing the same thing when school starts again, and you must bring everything back to college.

In other words, it means you must spend a lot of time, money, and effort to bring everything home and back to school when school starts again.

However, when renting a storage unit near your college, you can bring everything there quickly and easily and completely avoid renting a truck. Not only will you save money by not having to rent a truck but also on gas, which rental trucks usually gulp by the gallons. Even better, if you rent your storage unit a few days before school ends, you can bring your things over bit by bit when you have free time between studying rather than doing everything all at once.

2. For Shared University Housing: Decluttering and Organizing Your Space

Living with fellow students in a rented house near the university can be an exciting experience. Sharing the ups and downs of college life, late-night study sessions, and weekend hangouts become much more memorable when done together. However, with multiple roommates, the space can quickly become cluttered with everyone's belongings. A shared house can sometimes feel overwhelmingly crowded, from textbooks to kitchen appliances and furniture to seasonal clothes.

Many students who live together find that renting a storage unit is an ideal solution to manage the overflow of items. Not only does it help keep common areas like the living room, kitchen, and even shared bedrooms more organized but it also ensures that items not regularly used are safely stored away. This decluttered environment can make the shared living experience more pleasant and stress-free, avoiding disputes over space and the chaos of excessive belongings.

3. When You Want to Declutter Your Dorm

Let's face it; most dorm rooms are ridiculously small. Even worse is that, in many cases, you have to share your tiny dorm with 1 or 2 fellow students. What happens next is something seen in thousands of dorm rooms across the country every semester: a big, unruly, and cluttered mess. It's even worse if you play sports, have your bicycle with you on campus, or play with the college band since you'll have even more stuffed into your dorm room.

Many students share the storage unit cost with others who want to keep their dorm rooms uncluttered. It's easy and convenient and gives you much extra space in your dorm to enjoy the college experience without feeling overwhelmed and overcrowded.

4. More Time to Enjoy Your Summer Break

Just like the holidays, having to move all your college belongings back home when you go on summer break and then back to school again in the fall can eat into your break time. For some students, it can even mean a loss of income because you can't start your summer job as quickly as you'd like. If you have a storage unit near school, however, you can store everything quickly and easily and get started enjoying your summer that much faster.

5. When You Leave to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of those exciting college opportunities that many students relish. It's a time for fresh experiences, new cultures, and broadened perspectives. But as thrilling as it is to embark on this academic adventure, there's a practical side to consider: where do you store all your stuff while you are away?

Renting a storage unit for your college possessions during your time abroad emerges as the perfect solution. You can't take everything with you, and leaving them with friends or renting an apartment to store stuff isn't the most practical choice. A storage unit ensures your belongings are safely tucked away, awaiting your return. This includes the collection of textbooks you'll need for next semester, the bicycle that's been your trusty campus companion, and anything in between!

6. Less Wear and Tear on Your Belongings

Moving your college belongings back and forth to your home between semesters can put a lot of wear and tear on them. (Banging along for hundreds of miles in the back of a moving truck is damaging to furniture even if it's loaded well.) However, your belongings will stay in good shape with a storage unit nearby.

Storage Solutions is Your Best College Buddy

Now that you've seen some excellent reasons for renting a storage unit for your college stuff, you may want to rent one before your next break. If so, you'll find that Storage Solutions is your best college buddy!

One of the main reasons is that Storage Solutions offers convenient month-to-month leases. You can rent for as short a time as you like, including 1, 2, or 3 months, the length of the average college break. In other words, you'll never get stuck in a long-term contract with Storage Solutions.

All Storage Solutions storage facilities are safe and secure, with 24/7 video security cameras, well-lit parking lots and interiors, and on-site managers. Storage Solutions also has storage facilities close to Arizona State University in Tempe. (Go Sun Devils!)

If you're unsure what storage unit to rent, our storage unit size guide will be beneficial! If you're ready to rent a storage unit for your college stuff, you can easily do it anytime you like. There's no deposit necessary, and no credit card is needed to reserve your storage unit online. Once you do, it will be ready and waiting to safely store your college belongings and empower you to start your next break much faster! If you want to know more about self-storage, read our in-depth guide on storage!